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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A really erotic story
Now, you all know Aaron and I are close
In fact we are so close that we are easily mistaken for a gay couple.
People were like " Are you guys gay?"
And we were like " Hell no"
of course, those of you that know me will know that
Aaron is gay
and I am recently bi.

So anyway, there was this one time in Paris
When Aaron told me about his sexuality.
before that i was a straight man till...
long story ok
lets continue.

We were in our lavish hotel in Paris called Hilton.
You may imagine that Paris is nice, beautiful, aromatic.
But you are wrong!
People here wear extremely heavy perfume
However not as worse as some teachers in SMK Sungai Maong.
The air was filled with different scents of Au De Toilette

So anyway,
We were in our hotel and was done bathing
Aaron too.
i was wearing my Candice Michelle styled bathrobe.
he was wearing in his very frenchy boxers
Damn sexy.
Sitting on the bed he called me
I was just done changing
So he said
" I'm gay"
I waited
"I love you"
"I said I LOVE YOU"

Without further adue
He started pulling me towards him
He held my face and then he did the unthinkable
He kissed me
Using his lips and caressing mine,
I obliged
I kissed him back
Our tongues intertwined
We were touching and caressing
Holding each other so tightly that there was no space to breathe

We stripped each other off.
he performed oral sex on me
Licking, Kissing, Sucking
It was getting harder and i felt the pressure.
I moaned
After that, I grabbed him and thrusted his face to my pubic area
He sucked even harder

Next thing I knew, i was licking his ass
Burying my face in it
After that, I put my cock on his ass and rubbed around it
Finally, I let my cock go inside his ass
I was fucking him
At first it was slow
Soon it became very fast
We were moaning and groaning
Doin it doggy style
My ass was in him so deep that i think i can feel his prostate.

After that, I let go
He turned around at started sucking again
I moaned
and then, cum spurted out
It shoot his face
His face was very messily creamed
Cum was flowing down from his face
I licked it and kissed him
After that, I sucked him cock
He moaned
And shoved his cock deep into my throat
Gagging me
In the end, he cummed on my face
And licked his cum off my face
We slept till the next morning

Thank God there was no photoshoot on that day
we were too tired to model, lol
Oh yeah, if you believed the story above, well


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