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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random thoughts 2
Just for the sake of posting another post, I am blogging more random thoughts.

Okay, so Mika and April will go to the village with Aaron and Danielle which is their home. So there should be a feast, an intro to the scenery of the town and I have to give it a name, maybe tranquil or serenity or Amnquil since I imagine the town to be a little Amnish plus reflecting the simple, peaceful life of the town. I am thinking cobblestones instead of dirt paths. Should I put a traitor within the town that set Mika and April up or an attack that left the town in ruins like Alderaan. Oh yeah, I possibly thinking of adding in parents of Aaron and Danielle and maybe even their spouses. I don't know, spouses or parents? All I know is that Aaron and Danielle are not related.

What about me? When am I going to be in the book? When am I going to be included? I don't know really maybe I will not be included at all. Then again, seeing how narcisstic am I. There is a definite chance that I am in. So there is a Jia mentioned. Should it be Jia Jia or Jia Zhi or Darren's friend Jia Yi? It will be easier to make the Jia is Jia Jia or Jia Zhi but I will see.

There should be a warden in the Hellen Prison so I am thinking Senk Siang or Kenneth Kon. How about Kevin Yeo?
I was also thinking of adding Ivonne Sim into the novel but then she should be around somewhere in the late chapters.

I am also in selection of finding a traitor in a certain situation and it should be a girl. So I have four choices
1. Josephine
2. Catherine
3. Ying Ying
4. Caroline
Comment on what you think.

Is chicken tuna?

What is a bus?

I hate Math

Y=Mx + c

Aspartame sounds like a word that should be used in Harry Potter

I hate Physics so I don't wanna learn anything associated with it.

Some people are so fake and boring

Pissed, pissed, pissed

1st girl eliminated off America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 is Mila. Well, I can tell you I have a few of my favourites now.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Ashley Massaro was voted off Survivor: China!!!! Damn, she only lasted 6 fucking days!
No Exile Island means that Ashley would not be returning.

Krissy Vaine is on the Smackdown brand and kicked it off my brutally assaulting Torrie Wilson with the sadistic Beth Phoenix look in her eyes.

The U.S. Premiere of Desperate Housewives airs on sunday, 30th September.

Out of thoughts. I can tell you that there are 20 characters who are taking on Nightmare and his army. To tell you the truth, none of the characters are safe from being killed off. I might even return Franco and Peter later in the book. All I can tell you right now is that April will be one of the 20 characters involved in fighting against Nightmare's army at the end.

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