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Monday, July 06, 2009

Goodbye Foundation!

Goodbye Foundation!!!
To celebrate this special occasion, a bunch of us classmates decided to head on over to Food & Tea (well, Martin decided that he wants to go Food & Tea and insisted on it even though after repeated vain attempts of convincing him not to i.e. me since I used to work there) to celebrate one final gathering as a Foundation Class before moving on with degree.
I have to say it was quite a success gathering this much people.

Yeah, we asked a waitress do take a pic, not bad photography skills, I have to say.

Me taking a picture of my drink with my hp (Yes I do food whore *blushes*) and Doreen too (she doesn't food whore she is just there). LOL. The masterminds of the little gathering. She suggested it and I just did the work. If it was not for her, an end of foundation lunch would not have been possible. So thanks Doreen!

Yuyun, Jia Jin, Johanna and Martin! Great people!

GUHAN! The most positive and supportive man that I have ever known! You would do someone's wife very happy one day! Martin and that cute Body Glove shirt (thinking of buying, not green though, white? Nah! I hate the rough cotton)

There is Audrey and Siaw Wee! And... Oh.No.He.Didn't! Martin! That guy took the picture while I was eating! OMG OMG OMG! You know how badly it will effect my celebrity status??? (None actually, I have to eat, I am human and plus sized!) I am NOT fat, I am PLUS SIZED! HEALTHY!

Okay, the weird paparazzi photos of me so has to stop!

Yeah, this is when we started to count the $$$! Belinda starts being the accountant of everything, taking charge with authority, lol. I don't know about you guys, but after accounting and getting into more math, my brain is like mush. Belinda even said that my math is horrible (you can add doubles in badminton into the mix). Btw, have you seen Belinda's Michelle Mccool inspired hair? That is so COOL! I love her hair! If I were a girl, I would totally get that hair and be a mean girl! That hair means business yo! (Okay, I really need to lay off the wrestling)...

And this is SO NOT what we gave to the cashier! Why? Cause we paid exactly the total stated and yes it is a long receipt. Its 17 people and there are like 35 items there! The extra item is not me, just saying that I do keep watch of my weight!

Yeah so it totals to 222.53 and a 20 dollar service charge! Yeah a 20 dollar service charge! I hate service charges! I would prefer to tip!

Also attending is Jacqueline, Min Chiong, Kai Xia, Ee Ling, Kelly, Cynthia and May!
You guys were great! Though I guessed I should have spent more time to get to know you people. But not to worry, cause I learned a lot about other people that day! Which is great!

After that, we obviously went SHOPPING!! (Well, I obviously went shopping)
After hitting through Body Glove, Parkson and then PADINI!
Just so you know, the only thing that I am proud in Malaysian Products is PADINI!
The rest...
So Martin wanted to buy a half off jacket but he has to buy a full priced item to get a discount. So, he asks me to buy, which I refused! (Hello! I need to two large segments in my wardrobe just for T-Shirts! Moreover, they are spereated to many categories which is a long story so all you need to know that I shop a lot of tees until my closet is full and my mother is pissed about it. As if I give a damn.) But actually I do, cause enough is enough (brain) but it never hurts to get just one more (heart).

Then I saw it. I looked hot in it and I bought it! 50 bucks fly away just like that and it is so worth it! Plus, I have something up on my sleeve, I always do!

Then I had to go to Pending to take a package from London. Obviously is my Marc Jacobs tee (will reveal soon). Which then came out with a bag from Selfridges and another from Marc Jacobs! Love them! Yes! I keep shopping bags! They make awesome gift bags!

So I removed the tag from the Padini tee and then told my mom that I left it in London! And I tried to lied my way and said that I wore it many times in London so therefore it does not go to my mothers closet where it is taken hostage till Chinese New Year. (Yes, that is how horrible she is! Very unfair!) Clothes are meant to be worn and showed off to those who can never afford it! I tell you, my food can be cheap, my bed can be queen sized, my house can be rented but my clothes have to be hot! Anyway, I failed and its kidnapped along with my Marc Jacobs! At least she is smart enough not to keep the jeans I left there till the next Chinese New Year because I wore them at this year's Chinese New Year!

Other than that, Sweetheart From Hell by Lim May Zhee. Not bad I have to say. Its the bitcher, self centred version of Becky Bloomwood.

By the way, the shirt that I wore in the pictures above? Its from Topman!


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