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Monday, July 27, 2009

Some of my more 'exotic' members of my wardrobe

I love my clothes, I really really do
In fact, I don't mind even posting pictures of them
Putting them on my blog
Showing the quilt my grandma made me
I mean, come on, who has a grandma that is a knitting sensation that devotes time, love and care to produce a quilt for you, that is so snuggly and warm and absolutely perfect for rainy afternoons with a nice pot of warm tea on the side.
Now time to show you guys some of my clothes in my wardrobe
These are just some of the stuff I bought from London

This is my awesome 3/4 pants from Primark. Not going to tell you the price because Paris says its tacky, so I am not gonna do it too. Anyways, this pair of pants is so cool, perfect for some ultra chic vacation wear. I usually pair them with a plain colored tee, preferably red, blue or green with my matching Adidas sneakers.

This is a pair of dark purple skinny jeans or move. Skinny jeans are jeans that are like super tight and well, real skinny on your leg and thigh area. Btw, I introduced Purple Skinny Jeans, its my fashion statement, I rock! I usually pair it with a shirt. The Skinny Jeans are from Uniqlo.

This is my super awesome high fashion pants that I bought from a boutique in Camden Town. Perfect for formal wear, my pants are absolutely HOT!

This is my signature pale pink pants from Uniqlo. I love it and it definitely is my favorite because it so totally stands out. I love them, I usually pair this with my Zara polo that I got from Champs Elysees.

My Zara polo that I bought from Paris or Champs Elysees to be exact. I love it so much but be careful though, the material is kinda strecthy so always becareful with it, especially with washing machines and when wearing it, don't pull it down too hard, best be gentle.

This is a close up of my tee, so that u can see the French inspiration towards it.

This is a tee from Berskha, I love it because its blue, and I like blue and white so I think its cute, I love it.

I know Glamour Magazine says that wearing tees with raunchy words on them is called a Fashion Faux Paux, even worse is when there are suggestive pornography printed on tees in the UK. But definitely, this is my ultimate guilty pleasure, I know its tacky but I just love it when people need to read the sign on your T-shirt, plus I am doing the world a favor by teaching them proper English, I teach people how to properly use the F-Word when I wear it. I found this in one of the many souvenir shops found in Central London, actually I got them at Camden Town, I think. I forgot already, lol.

My Berskha white JEANS! HAHA!!! Chester, I got WHITE JEANS!!! HAHAHA, its so white, so delicate, becareful though, I wouldn't wear them on rainy days. But becareful with it though, the colour may bleach other clothes that have colour.

This is my shirt from Topman, I would say that it is one of my more expensive purchases, lol. Its one of those clothes where I just have to have it. I need to have, and swear I look good on it. And it fits me perfectly, I usually pair it with my purple skinny jeans from uniqlo.

This is my red pants from Uniqlo, major hot color if you ask me, as you can see, my bedsheet is red, so I need to put it on the floor for contrast. I usually pair it with a simple black tee. I love it so much, lol.

Well, that's about it, wait until I take more pics and I am gonna camwhore with my new sunnies, well old sunnies from River Island, but they are sunnies. Anyway, TTYS. Sorry for not been a lazy blogger past few months, need to get bitten by the blog bug again, still waiting for it, lol.


Jake Lo said...

Clothes from Paris, the ones that tell other clothes that they are inferior. :D

Le~Julz said...

OMG...i love that white polo tee from zara!!!

and that F-word shirt?

Chester Chin said...

I love the white jeans...i have a fetish for white materials lol...but i have to say the F-word is the best!

Brendan Goh said...

To Jake: Shush! Don't let the other clothes know that!

To Julz: Yeah, I know, my Zara polo is so nice, lol. HAHAHA, you like raunchy tees too?

To Chester: LOL! Thanks, there are alot more different slogans actually! There are even ones that says 'iPorn' with a picture of a chick on her knees, giving the guy a BJ. Another is iGay, which is the gay version of it. OMG,there is like so many of em

Yumimi said...

GAH!!! I haven't been shopping for AGES!!!!!!!! And the last thing I bought was a mouse and memory stick for my laptop =_= GOSH I wanna go to London too!!! TOTOTOTOT