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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Singapore Story

After like an hour and a half, stuck within a cramped and nasty, not to mention boring plane with colour blinding seats that sets off a serious headache and nausea ( I hope you like the stuff I left in the bag you dimwitted and rude MAS flight attendants). Me, Darren, my aunt and two unwanted and extremely lucky stowaways (my mother and Ryan) have finally landed in the land of ultra competitive-ness with an added mask of superficiality that I call the tropical and modern version of London = Singapore. The stowaways were called stowaways because not only they were able to go to KL and leave me and Darren home alone as a sort of preemptive strike of jealously towards my pending Australia trip but as we can guess, they tagged along at the last minute. A sarcastic bastard that insults your body size every five seconds and a directionless illeterate with a pig headed moronic brain who thinks it always goes the right way and most of the time it's not and leads us around in circles. When it's not leading, it's annoying as hell as those little hyperactive kids in the back seat of the car yapping 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet?' God! Those stress pimples and back knots are acting up again! Sometimes I sincerely think that I am the only rational one in the family. And no I am not jealous of my mom and Ryan getting to go to KL, I am downright pissed of that I am not able to get peace and quiet for 2 weeks!

MY SANITY!!!! yup, you guessed it. G.O.N.E.

 I am seriously thinking of getting a job and then hopefully Swinburne will get me the cash I need through scholarship and then I would fly off to a foreign (nearby) country and spend two weeks there. ALONE or with friends, preferably with friends, as long as there is no family around. Lets see... Thailand, Vietnam or Singapore again? Speaking of Singapore, I have to tell you guys about my trip there.

The Singapore Flyer... World's Tallest Ferris Wheel (currently)

We are staying in the Marriot Hotel as you can see... on the 28th floor. We spent the afternoon, hanging around Bugis Junction. Shopping, obviously. I got a watch and a purple plaid shirt from Topman! Loves! Yeah, girly moment... Uhm... Uh... Yeah... Well lets get on with the night shall we?

The streets were paraded with like loads of decorations and stuff like a huge Christmas celebration. There were really cool cutouts of Jesus, Joseph, Mary and whatevers around.

There were also street performances, like this one, a live Christmas play about... something... no idea. It was two weeks ago and I forgot all about it. Was too busy taking pictures anyways. Like the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree below! Awesome, ain't it? But it is not made of real chocolate (duh! Chocolate would melt when exposed to harsh and environmentally unfriendly light bulbs at night and harsh tropical humid sunlight at day.) Still, you cannot resist to imagine biting into a Ferrero Rocher that is as large as a bull's testicles.

Then we headed up towards Paragon, the Singaporean Suite for all those TDOs (Top Designer Outfits) that you probably can never afford and had to settle for a cheap 50 dollar knock off from a Malaysian/Hong Kong/Chinese thrift store. Since all the stores were closed and we had to leave early the next morning, 5 a.m. to be precise, I decided to camwhore with the brands, Ryan decided to butt in to ruin my life and get his fairshare of camwhoring. Little bastard. Wait till I know how to use photoshop! That will do you some good. Lets kick things off with Prada.

Followed by Jimmy Choo

Swarovski... I think and yes I was trying to be a Lady Gaga on an economy budget.

Then its Gucci not Ucci. Stupid Ryan blocking the 'G'

Miu Miu which Ryan mistakens it for Calvin Klein

Rocking it out with Salvatore Ferragamo

Must I act so pompous at Yves St Laurent? Yes... yes I do

Next is Hugo

After all the parading with brands and whatever (most of the pictures are on Facebook), it's time to call it a night. The next morning's picture is a family affair as you can see, at the Golden Lounge of checking in.

Did you see the fugly looking glasses that Darren is wearing?Even though a) he does not need glasses, b) he looks trendy in them (ie his kids will laugh at his pictures like they would laugh at a clown or cry, well, clowns are fucking horrifying okay!) and c) he can pass off the look as very cool? Yeah, well my aunt complained that it will do some harm to his eyesight and it is now donated to the needy children of Africa, sponsored by UNICEF and Qantas plus a few Malaysian coins that will be deemed useless to the Australians. Now my aunt being a Gold Frequent Flyer, gets to enjoy this.

Complimentary brekkie at the airport!

Complimentary beverages at the airport

And the best of all... Complimentary Wine and Champagne at the airport! Btw, there is a soda dispenser at the side.

Plus some pretzels and cookies for your enjoyment!

The picture above with the horses was displayed at the hallway leading towards the lounge.
Why is it so special that it has to be in this post and it's picture taken?
Because I have the exact same one at my grandmother's house.
Shows that my grandma and the decorator have the same good taste, lol.
Well, that's Singapore for you, after that I might be posting up Sydney next! So stay tuned!

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