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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spinoff? Definitely Maybe :)

If you have been following my blog, you would have realized that I have not posted any form of a movie review in a LONG time. Well, this is mainly because, when it comes to movies, I am really outdated.

Now, I love writing movie reviews but the fact is that they are usually outdated and I find that not many people really give a damn about them since well they are old. I also find that my Spotlight segment is also comment draught. However, music is something that I do update frequently but my spotlight segment is also not catching a lot of comments

All in all, I am thinking of doing what Chester did. Create a spinoff blog. A blog that is mainly about the things that I love, music, movies and clothes and maybe food but I don't spend a lot on food. Tech stuff, but maybe I will leave the food on the facebook page, lol. I really don't like posting food over here, I might suddenly go into a craving and binge away.

So now, it's time to make me think what Brendzblog is all about. And after a long thought, hence the low post count, I decided that Brendzblog is going to be just me, my feelings and yes, creating drama in my life. Well, maybe cut the drama, I don't need another Hilary vs Lindsay or Christina vs Britney war erupting over here again.

But the question is... would my spinoff be successful?

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