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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Hit Wonders of the Future? released a list of top 40 one hit wonders of the noughties (2000-2009), some of those notable names include:

  1. Daniel Powter - The guy who sings "Bad Day"? Remember him? Yeah, American Idol hyped it all up as one of their goodbye songs and it helped Daniel hit number one, after that, the poor Canadian was never heard from again. His next single, "Free Loop" did not so well, but you can listen to his latest one, way back in 2008, it's called 'Next Plane Home' which yeah, sucked on the charts, seems like Daniel's bad day has turned into a bad one hit wonder career.
  2. S Club 7 - "Never Had A dream Come True" is by far the most popular song by my favorite childhood band. Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearitt, Jo O Meara and Rachel Stevens hit number 10 in the US but was never heard from again. Notable Songs such as "Reach", "Bring it All Back", "You" and "Don't Stop Movin" all are successful everywhere EXCEPT the US.
  3. Mims - The annoying guy who keeps telling everyone that he is hot is hot no more, his second single only reached number 77, poor guy
  4. James Blunt - James Blunt (with Oprah at his backside) hit number one when he sings "You're Beautiful" but unfortunately, his career is not so beautiful anymore
  5. Gnarls Barkley - They sang "Crazy", the song drove me crazy and everytime I heard that nasty falsetto, it made me pukey, thank god it's bb for them.
  6. Bo Bice - The idol runner up behind Carrie Underwood, hit number 5 with "Inside Your Heaven" and after that, he disappeared.
  7. J-Kwon - J-Kwon asked everyone to get tipsy and we did and he hit number two, after that we got a serious hangover and forgot all about him and his career probably died of extensive alcohol abuse by now.
  8. Cassie - Cassie hit the chart's with "Me & U"  but her song "Long Way To Go" only peaked at 97 and has since disappeared, it's probably gonna be a long way to go for her to get back on track again.
  9. Lou Bega - Remember that song "Mambo No.5", it was so cool and so fun and since then Lou Bega is nothing anymore.
  10. Hinder - "Lips of an Angel" kissed us and we were stoked by it, but after that, Hinder is hindered towards the sidelines.
  11. Fort Minor and Holly Brook - "Where'd You Go" was Holly Brook and Fort Minor's success and then Fort Minor went to the lower end of the charts and since then, Mike Shinoda went back to Linkin Park
  12. Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles" was a great song and Vanessa went and disappeared, but "Nolita Fairytale" a single from her obviously failed album Heroes and Theives still proves that she still has it, it's just that the charts don't like her that's all
  13. Nick Lachey - "What's Left of me" is the song that he sang to Jessica after the newlyweds called it quits. It touched us all and we feel for him that his song reached number 6 on the charts, after that, he was not really successful, maybe he should marry a girl, spend three years on a reality show, adding a funny, confusing scene about chicken and tuna and then divorce the girl again so that he can spawn another hit.
Other notable one hit wonders : Aly and Aj, Hoobastank, T.A.T.U, M2M, Stacie Orrico, Yellowcard, Click Five

*Note: This is the list of one hit wonders in the US only, this means that the songs by the artist only appear in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 once.

So it got me thinking, there will be other one hit wonders in the spawn already, but who will they be? Well, some might not come true but who cares? It's always great to do a little prediction.

Sara Barielles
She gave us a love song and "Love Song" charted in the top 10 of the billboard hot 100, but her next single "Bottle It Up" was way less successful, could this mean that Sara's career is bottled up and the given the title of a one hit wonder?

Metro Station
Metro Station annyoed me with "Shake It" and hell yeah they annoyed me, seriously who can listen to the words "Shake, shake, shake it" 267 times? Apparently, everyone. "Seventeen Forever" their second single, did not so well and will Trace Cyrus and gang leave the super stardom stuff to Miley? Let's pray, people, pray.

"Tik Tok" hit number one and we love the degenrative Hannah Montana look. We loved the song so much but would her second single, a more emotional song called "Animal" will fare better?

David Archuleta
We love him, we really really love him and on American Idol, when Ryan Seacrest says David... Cook won, little girls, mothers, cougars, grandmothers, gay men and perverted aged gay pedophiles weep in sadness when sweet David got second and with joy when his first single "Crush" hit second place! But as we see the failures of "Touch My Hand" and "A Little Too Not Over You", would we see the end of our beloved Archie?

Owl City
Owl City charmed the world with "Fireflies", the hit song was made by a guy living in his parent's basement while working in a Coca Cola warehouse, so we wonder is this the end of Owl City or would "Vanilla Twilight" be able to save it from being called a one hit wonder.

Jason Derulo
He charmed the ladies with "Whatcha Say" and the girls fell in love with him, that they hailed him as number one of the billboard hot 100, but is "Whatcha Say" is nothing but all talk? Well, lets see then.

I personally hope that everyone except Metro Station would not be one hit wonders, so pray people! Pray!

Update: A song from Kesha's album Animal hits the charts at no.7 even though it is not released as a single, therefore she is no longer considered a one hit wonder. The song is called 'Blah, Blah, Blah' and it features 3OH3! Sorry for not updating guys, been real busy these days and lack the inspiration to blog.


Dallas said...

Stacie Orrico had 3 hits. lol

"More To Life" & "Stuck" were top 10 hits, and "Im Not Missing You" was a top 20 hit.

"More To Life" was her biggest followed by "Stuck", and "Im Not Missing You" in 2006.

Brendan Goh said...

u sure? cause more to life only charted in the US, the rest are not in at all. btw, it's USA only :)