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Friday, February 05, 2010

What the fuck is it about getting coupled up again?

Out with friends, few sips of lager (them not me, I do not want to look like a bloated clownfish the next morning), we started talking about relationships. You know, guys, girls and the occasional gay in the mix.
Suddenly, one of them said, Brendan, why don't you get a girlfriend? We all have one and why don't you get one yourself?

Me, being a single person almost all 19 years of my life, do sometimes feel lonely at times and do indeed need to have some companionship. Sometimes I want to experience the love that most of my friends. classmates, and whatever sluts around the university or my old high school are having. You know, holding hands, sneaking kisses, giving each other incessantly annoying pet names that suddenly become extremely adorable when you are in love because your hormones are taking over your body. Suddenly, you feel that the world seems like a much better place, you suddenly see daisies and fields of flowers and the person you love in pure white prancing among the fields of eternal greenery. Instead of the actual fact that there is heavy pollution in this world, the field you are dancing was probably caused by a concoction of pheromones and sex hormones plus maybe a bit of ecstacy and bloody people think throwing molotov cocktails into a church is considered something cool. Plus, lets not forget Haiti.

So instead of giving the lame excuses like my mom would kill me, I wanna concentrate on my studies, my great aunts will give me creepy, expectant, baby-making looks towards me, my great aunts will embarass me and started gushing all over and... so on so forth with most of the blame on my family members. I decided to tell the truth... I am happy as I am.

It's true and the small fact that I am obviously not ready to take shit from someone again.

Relationships are not some fantasy walk in the park, where you date, you fuck and you go and live a fairytale happily ever after. Relationships are not some stupid Disney movie aimed at little girls. Relationships or relationshits are well, full of shit. You have to date and see the compatibility, you have to show you care, guys, you have to treat the girls and pay, you have to pick her up, you have to do this and do that to make her happy and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla which ends with, you have to put up with her shit, especially when it is 'that' time of the month.

If you are talking me, getting a boyfriend, well, guys are sexual beings, this means that most gay relationships are either based on money or sex. It is very rare for you to find the bond that gay celebs share like Elton and David, Ellen and Portia or Mark from Westlife and whoever he is dating or the late Stephen Gately and  his partner, because face it, most gay people are a bunch of horndogs, its very hard to find love. Plus a guy my age is in no where near towards the fact of settling down and live the life of a Desperate Housewife or in this case, Househusband.

So here I am, 19, still single and going strong. I am not looking but when fate decides to hook me up, then so be it. Go with the flow, that's what I say.

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