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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I am worse than a girl when it comes to shopping.

It's true, it's very very true
After 2 days of going shopping, I have not even bought one single thing
Not even one
I have my shirts done, all I need is some pants and shoes for the coming Lunar Valentines
However, my collection of shirts for the New Year is a different story
You see
I have a black Topman long sleeved tee and a black and grey H&M shirt from London that was brutally kidnapped from me and chained to my mother's closet for 11 months.
If it is this time last year, I would be preparing my trip to London.
Then a pink top from Topman, bought at KL
A purple shirt from Topman, bought at Singapore
and a special tee from the Gold Coast that is about to make an upcoming post on Brendzblog

My pants, well... zilch, nada, zero nothing
Shoes, none either.

I am thinking of something Esprit that cost 300 bucks.
But 300 bucks for a pair of jeans, in my parent's terms is like buying those over priced peanuts you get in your hotel room.
Or in the Swinburne student's parking issue, it's like charging 10 Australian Dollars for an hour's worth of parking space.
So it is really obvious that I better not buy it
My parents will probably send me to the slaughter house.

So instead in order for making my dad happy, I decided to go to places where poor people go to buy their clothes.
I am talking jeans under 80 bucks.
I did found some nice ones, they really did fit me nicely, IN FRONT
At the back, my booty is as protuding and enlarged like J'Lo's ass.
Why do I have such a large ass?

You know this issue would be literally solved if I just went to Spring and splurge all over Esprit, Quicksilver and those jeans at Parkson that costs 150 bucks.
But NO!
I have to be a nice little family boy, helping parents save money
Come to think of it, I would probably save my parents loads of petrol with all that driving.

I have to find THE pants, nice pants, pants that fit me nicely.
Which as usual is as confusingly scary as my wallet hunt back at the Gold Coast
I went back to the same stores numerous times before making an effing decision.
Oh well, what to do
I want to be perfect.
Well as prefect as a dud as I am can be
Man, I really need to start working out
But it's so hard to not have people around
It sucks, no support, no guidance
Just you and your weak, futile, pathetic discipline.
What am I supposed to do?
When I get upset, I eat and after that I get lazy.
Fuck my life, screw my life, I am screwed.

You know this wouldn't happen if I don't have a budget
I could just spree all I want
Buy this and buy that without a care in the world
Having loads of fun.
I know I am a shopaholic, I admit it
and I embrace it.
Shopping is fun and rewarding and you would definitely get something back and feel the satisfaction.
Plus and besides,
It's better than those stupid people buying 4D everyday.
Those people should have spent their money on helping the people of Haiti then just buying stupid numbers and hope for a windfall that 99% of the time, will never happen.


Chester Chin said...

at you've shopped...i've hardly started shopping and there is only one more week to go and one utama and the curve and every other shopping malls are jam packed like crazy t.t

Brendan Goh said...

At least you have one utama, curve, midvalley and whatever. The only Esprit in kuching has a 50% off sale and those cheap bastards raided the whole rack, thank god, I found at least one pair.