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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy as a bee!

A lot of you Brendzblog Legionaires have come up to me and said : Brendan, what the F- is it with you and the lack of  blog post lately? How come like this one?

Well, if you have not been involved in my life lately, well then, I think its about time you should let me update you guys about it.

1. School

Duh! I know it has never stopped me before, but school has been pretty hectic lately. With the immense homework of Financial Information Systems, the confusion and lack of attention in Business Information Systems, the huge amount of cases in Law (god forbid, come August, I may have four law subjects panned out and ready) and the dramatic Management classes, its really really exhausting. I know studies have been tough before, but this certainly adds some dimension to it, especailly with BIS and Management.

Plus, I have an essay due to tomorrow, an assignment which I admit I have not been contributing as much as I should aka BIS that requires a freaking interview, and an FIS computerized assignment with Quickbooks which I have not installed yet... yeah... falling behind

2. World Schools Debating Championship

I have to find 22 people to be my runners for this huge championship where all schools in Kuching are coming to compete but this year, a new level has achieved with it going national when a school from Kuala Lumpur is coming in. Not only that, extra people is needed for photography, Masters of Ceremony and food and beverage, me, as the head hunter/ admin guy here is literally running and pushing people to join and condsidering how much input my boss has in my headhunting, I have not been exactly doing an amazing job. In addition of begging people to volunteer, the volunteers have to pay 26 bucks for a T-shirt. And there you go, more headache for me... yay. Especially with a certain guy with a creature living in his hoodie... I know I should not have really pushed him till over the limit but I am desperate, okay. Desperation wins...ish. Now, I am an emcee for this event, whopee, more work for me.

3. Team Drama for Debate at UKM

There is some serious drama for my team at the planning stages for the UKM debate championship held on 7-9 may which I am finally going at 5-10 of May (Chester? Jake? Might see you there? Not debate but KL?) Most probably staying at Bintang Walk, hitting the clubs, getting wasted in the streets like Cabo and what not...  I wonder where is the Curve? Any clue? Anyway, there is huge confusion and worry when two of my teammates (essentially, everyone but me) want reimbursement and both plan to drop out. Which gives Brendan more hysteria! Yay for hysteria! Finally, one says okay but the other drop out which is not a problem for me because even though we were supposed to send a team of three debaters and one adjudicator over, we are sending a total of four teams and its not like the other 3 teams are not sending adjudicators, which they may waive the need for an adjudicator per team rule and my adjudicator wants to debate so, everyone is happy... except the one who can't go. Finally, 3 friends decided to sponsor her and she is going to debate. My ticket is booked and everything is fine and dandy again.

4. Debate

My debate skills are good, if I have someone to lead me. Being a leader for the first time in a debate team and in a major tournament, that is quite a lot of pressure and being in a junior team, we need a lot of work and with the championship coming next month... I hope we can pull it off.

5. Mid terms

I hate mid terms, but they are good indicator whether you need more work or not. With Law and FIS mid terms coming up, I am worried. I dunno if I am able to do well or not, because I want the money that the school rewards to fund me.

6. Stupid laptop

NEC is closing its computer division and guess who has an NEC for a laptop? Obviously it is also possibly time for getting a new one... I really have no idea but its a good push for me to get full HDs. 3,000 is not small you know?

That is all about my life lately and it is time for me to find souces for my essay! Seeya!


Chester Chin said...

Hhaha you're indeed very busy! Anyway awesome name..brendan legionaires...hahaha i feel like i'm in an RPG game xD

Brendan Goh said...

lol, brendzblog legionaires la! hahaha! yeah busy busy busy. RPG game? lol

Mysterious God Of Light said...

I wish I can give u a time machine but nope, it flew away without any notice!