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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its so discouraging

Losing four times in a row is seriously what we call demoralizing
With a 5th loss obviously underway
I wonder how am I going to do well in UKM
Having a bad month right now.
However, life goes on
This darkness shall past
In life we must be resilient
Ready to stand strong like the rocks, being the defense while the waves crash on to us.
We have to be like the little blue penguins at Penguin Island
Strive and beating the waves from the sea
It was inspirational
I loved it
Every time I feel down,
I look back into my memory and think of those penguins.
If those penguins can brace the cold sea waters and the cold night atmosphere, heading towards home.
Then I can at least lead my team and beat my other debaters in school.
I need to work on it
But I need to make sure that my priorities do not stray.
Financial Information Systems and Law come first
That's my resolve.
For now, all I have to do is hang in there
And when the motion is right
I strike them to the core
Build up matter.
I am resilient
I been through bullies
I been through cowards
I been through non-believers
And I am still standing and proved all of them wrong.
I need to just hang in there on this difficult time.


Chester Chin said...

The debate? Well just stay optimistic! xD

Brendan Goh said...

Yup Chester, the debate. I am coming to KL on the 5th la, any chance of bringing me to the curve? XD