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Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 things that will get me motivated in exams.

Exams are just around the corner for me and this means its hell month for me. I will be studying, not watching episodes of glee and the season finale of Grey's Anatomy over and over again which may I still add is ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!! I will be cramming my face onto the books instead of staring the screen of my computer. Highlighters and pens replacing the keyboard. Books, slides and whatever materials that have some form of intellectual relevance towards the subject that I am taking scattered across my although technically large but still seem small desk. My brain being crammed with accounting formats and equations, law principles and cases, management tactics and whatever i learned at business information systems which I cannot remember since I never bothered to listen in the first place is rushing and filling up the space in my brain while evicting the normal occupants of my brain: music, debating, making fun of the bad fashion faux paux of normal Swinburne breastless chicks, shopping and sex. Yes, I am a sexless, asexual body for the next month, no more fornication for Brendan. Which is the exact opposite for my dogs since its mating season (ever wonder how quick two dogs enter the stage of sexual intercourse?). Finally and of course, me writing on paper with study stuff rather than typing on this blog.

So since I am tired of studying for the moment while the supposedly silent inner voice of Brendan Goh which is silent on the outside of his mind but making a serious ruckus inside, wailing like a 2 year old who just lost his favorite Barney the Dinosaur doll. You know, its screaming : "DON'T FUCK UP BRENDAN!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!!!" As if I do not have enough drama in my life right now. I have decided to compile five things that will make me want to work hard in the exams and achieve my target which by the way is just doing my best without any regrets. Yeah, I do not really want full HDs this semester even though I really really want it (secretly) of course, 4.0s are fine for me, as long as I can get my CGPA up.

1. Proving my parents that I can manage my own priorities.

Parents, normal ones at least would be proud that their kid has a social life, has friends that he can entirely depend on and is associated with people who are leaders, who are influential and who are the only people bringing trophies and glory to the school. More importantly, holding a post in a club. But NO!!!! My parents want me to be some anti social nun that has no social life and stay at home all day and bla bla bla bla... Especially since I went to UKM in May which they obviously do not support. So this semester, its not really about how much the money can benefit me in getting all the fancy toys that I can get but a matter of pride and proving myself that I am plainly just better.

2. More money, more tournaments

Other than striving to get a job to support myself in my debating needs (as if my parents would want to fund me to go for more tournaments), I need the money, so that at least I do not need to get a job and concentrate on my studies. Well, might still get a job since the more the merrier right?

3. A Macbook

I think this is a bit self explanatory :)

4. Redemption

A personal grudge that I hold on to myself for fucking up two subjects last semester. Honestly, it is a wee bit unacceptable for me as I honestly felt that my marks that I get should have been a lot better. Oh well, what does not kill you makes you stronger. I am back for revenge!

5. iPhone accesories

I have been staring at a lot of iPhone casings these days. Just so that I can be more different than other people. The simple chic black is not working for my reputation anymore as more and more undeserved losers who are not honored to hold and obtain an iPhone are plaguing my school right now, showing them off like its some kinda 24 carat diamond ring with platinum casing and whatever. The iPhone is for function and fashion people, not flaunting it off like some Maserati and so called texting it in public and whatever. I need those accesories, maybe I might add a Nano into it, oh you know me and my collection of Nanos.

Alright, its off to the books, exams are on after next week so yeah, I know, serious lack of posts, will try and update more if I have the time (and the inspiration) TTYL my Brendzblog Legionaires!

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