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Monday, June 28, 2010

Its like Germany and England and we are England...

First of all, I would like to announce that HELL MONTH is officially OVER!!!

I can hear birds singing
I can smell fresh air
The water of tranquility flowing by, making the sounds that water makes when you pour something in to another something.
The taste of freedom is superiously awesome

That would have been the case if it were not for one certain subject called FIS...
Its like a dark cloud that has just plunged the sky into darkness
Like USA and Korea, two of my favourite teams were eliminated in just one night
Oh the pain...
Oh the sorrow...
Oh the worries towards the impending doom that will screw me all over!

Oh don't get me wrong, Financial Information Systems aka a fancy word for advanced accounting is easy

Easy to fail that is.

All of my friends are now in regret and in mourning

You know all of those questions like
why didn't I study harder
why didn't I do my tutorial questions that has marks as instructed
why I did not highlight my book
Why was I thinking about fucking my girlfriend when I should have been thinking of how not to fuck up this subject.
Why... you get the point.

All in all, as I reflected through back of mind, succeeding in FIS is probably as slim as England beating Germany in the world cup which has not happened since like what? 1966?
The rest of the time, the uninspired way the brits play all come crashing down.
So yeah, the Germans are the team that always beat the Brits
And we are the Brits.

No use now... All I have to do right now is pray that at least 2 of my subjects get a High Distincition and another 2 getting a Distinction at least...
Oh the stress...
I shall now go back to my game of decimating the stupid Uruguay and Ghana team for eliminating the Koreans and the Americans respectively.
Yes, I am getting revenge... in the video game world...
Okay, I seriously need to get a life here.

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