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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I love Korean BoyBands

Their lyrics don't make sense

The have subpar dancing skills

Those who like the more intellectual side of things would call them a combination of the Disney Channel and Pussycat Doll's response to the Asian market but in a sort of male version

Most of their videos involve lots of them being shirtless, kissing some girl that you don't really care because most of the time you cannot get a clear picture, horrible wardrobe (sans the suits of course) and acts of violent rage as a consequence of a display of pure male chauvinism and testosterone including a few dashes of those acts where you are supposed to do to infants and not the counterpart that you are about to fornicate in front of the camera.

They are also mass produced and marketed faster than Lady Gaga causing controversy for her videos

They all sound pretty much the same.You have the frontman, the rapper, the soulful one, the cute one that you so wish that if you have a Korean popstar boyfriend, he would be the one and the other dude who makes all those wails at the end while any additional members would served as high profile featured dancers like Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls, well formerly of the Pussycat Dolls.

But damn, I love those Korean boy bands and I dunno why as all reasons stated above, I should damn well hate it. Maybe it is because of the beats of the music? Korean producers are good with music, I liked them. I dunno, it is either the penultimate culmination of me beginning my transformation into some low taste, blind, no motivation, no inspiration, zombie like slave to Asian culture or me just plain evolving myself to be more acceptable of others.


Jake Lo said...

Whatever the reason, I hope you get through it unscathed.

Chester Chin said...

You will survive. I survived Boys Over Flowers and I'm a stronger individual because of it. Hahahaahahaha who am I kidding!

SnowFish said...

You loving korean boybands? XD

Brendan Goh said...

@chester: HAHAHHA
@jake: still korean boybandning...
@sherrie: yes, blame my brother!