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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


But I don't wanna look at it
I am so scared
GOD, I am so nervous...

Part me says, lets get this over with
The other part asks me to wait for it
I really dunno what to do...
I guess I shall wait for it?
I dunno, I am pretty sure today and tomorrow will have a lot of people queuing up for the results, there is no need to stand there for hours literally for those hopefully 8 letters and at least 6 that must all end with a D...
Tomorrow is the result for the foundation kids.
There is no way in hell that I am checking it online, hahaha.
They kinda jinx everything so, yeah no way in HELL!
So I am guessing I will get my result on Sherrie Pui's birthday?
With Sherrie Pui as my good luck charm?
Why not?

There is however, one certain thing remains
By the time I know of my grades, everyone else will know of theirs already.
Stay tuned people

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