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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Resolution Update

Earlier this year, I have posted a list of resolutions that I plan to keep for the year.
Here is an update followed by excuses of how has it been going on.
Resolution 1: CB or MMM
Crappy Budget status: On the fence, well I am pretty on the fence on this one, for one thing I felt that I am still spending at a somewhat stable limit, on days I spend more and some days I spend nothing where they both just cross each other out.
Make Me Miserablem status: No job = No misery = No Cash = PHAIL. Not very successful at getting jobs lately, maybe I am looking at the wrong direction?

Resolution 2: Flat Ass, Reduction in Waist Size, Skinny things and calves, thin looking face, pecs that are suitable for an athletic well toned person, muscles etc etc
Status: PHAILED (currently)
I dunno, no excuse for this one. My mistake is waiting for others to join me, should have grown a pair of balls and walked in and not get intimidated.

Resolution 3: Sing and Dance more
Status: Succeeding
I have been doing a lot more of that now, fun!!!!!!!

Resolution 4: Cut down on shopping, buy what is necessary
Status: ?
Well, I mean I have been buying a lot of necessary things lately, you know, all those essential clothing and stuff, the things I buy like ice-cream, clothes and stuff are necessary for my sanity so like I am succeeding right? RIGHT?
Status: I say succeed but feel that its more likely a PHAIL

Resolution 5: Go Vegan/ Vegetarian
Status: PHAIL
I love meat, that's it. I love my meat, especially PORK. You would never understand how to appreciate pork unless you have gone 10 weeks without it, fuck you NS. You would also never understand how to appreciate beef until you realized that your dad is no longer by your side, nagging about eat beef is like being as sinful as polygamy or something. Unless its veal, I didn't know what veal was until I googled it and saw what it actually is made of AFTER I made a fantastic veal dish. Just so you know, my heart burns and aches figuratively like  after what happened to a fat guy running after an ice-cream truck.

Resolution 6: Be More Positive, Enthusiastic, Ass Kissy
Status: Success
I have been a very very good boy lately, well its true! I haven't had sex yet! I have not succumb to my alcoholism yet!

Resolution 7: Drive less, bike more
Resolution 7 (b): Learn to ride a bike
Status: Success and PHAIL (respectively)
I don't drive anymore! I am so happy about that! But yeah, still unable to ride a bike

Resolution 8: Put a lot less effort in Debating
Status: Success but wanting to PHAIL
Well, this hiatus is nice but yeah, I still do feel the longing of debating against people from other countries and travel and such. Only time will tell, I guess

Resolution 9: Stay away from any one who has a Mac, iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab
Status: Success, Obsolete and Obsolete
I no longer crave the Galaxy Tab. I have an iPad but yeah, managed to avoid anyone who has a Mac, kudos to me!

There is still 4 months left, summer beach bod, here I come!


Jake Lo said...

For the slimming down part, I suggest you build it up slowly so you don't kill yourself. Try something simple like swimming first.

Brendan Goh said...

Swimming? Yeah, I look like I am pregnant while shirtless *apologies for mental image* but yeah, no way, maybe gonna try something like yoga