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Friday, December 29, 2006

Yearly Reflection
Everybody has ta do this
Its like you can't avoid it.
Like there should be a catchup episode where you reflect on things you done the past year
That's wat i am doing right now

Old school, new class, new teachers, new cast.
Its so real and fresh!
Although we were looking forward to the so-called 'honeymoon' year
There are things that are not so honeymoonish at all.
To all Form 3 kids out there, form 4 is a larger hellhole compared to form 3
Half the class are now seperated.
Some went to transfer, like Zhia Hwa who bounded for Green road and Hui Hua who was romored to be in BL.
Some went to Science 2 and demoted to the "also starring" category like Seh Lin and Patrick
Some stayed on like Andrea, Michelle Lim and Michelle Chung
previous guest stars (Jamie, Liang Jiun, Lee Chin) are now permanent
The last 360 i had was back at kindy
So original cast are now dated back to primary 1
Liong Yew, Andrea, Brigid, Jia Jia and Me
jeremy has returned
teachers went a total 360 with the return of mr edwin who teaches us history.
(he used to teach us art back at form 1)
Tyranny of Helen tan got worse with the implementation of copying model essays
Ramona our malay teacher took advantage and gave us MILE LONG ESSAYS
It took me THREE HOURS to finish copying ONE of her DAMN ESSAYS!!!!!!
Our english teacher Mr Peter Sim was kinder as he gave us to pick and chose
Which we did.

I am striggling badly and I felt that i am suffering.
I could not handle the pressure and thought about suicide
The future was dim for me

I had a disastrous sweet sixteen.
I would like to thank my parents for ruining my life
Two reasons:
1, their cheap food choices
2. The exsistence of Ryan Goh
These two factors foundated to my disastrous plan.
I never failed to pull of a party suceessfully.
Guess there's a first time for everything.
Failed horribly during first exam
Wonder what the future holds
went to that Lee Hom concert
Okay, i guess, not enjoying it.
Jonathan guest starred in my bday an made an appearance on Lee Hom's concert
That's the last time I made contact him

Broke up with Lauren
Devastated Very SAD
Hooked up with Rachel

Failed again
Really clueless
Like Paris Hilton

Suffered horribly in KL
Vomittted, puked and expelled, i ended up feeling groggy
Went to Greece to model
Got on the cover of some magazine on Vogue.
luckily, my sickness has eased.
I had a fun time

Senk Siang Revolution began
(about that time, dunno and dun care)
Talking Trash about honor, respect, blahdy, blahdy blah
Ass KIssing every adult
Turned other prefects to bitches and assholes
Michelle LIm, turned on me
Backstabbed me
Hurt me
broke up with Rachel but dated jenascia

Started blogging

Celcom competition began
Worst time ever
Met Kyo

Celcom ended
liked kyo but never dated
jenascia and I are just friends

C ya Kyo, you sick jerk!
Holidays began
went on extra clsses and got a crystal
went to sweden on a holiday trip

Waiting for my ass to get kicked by teachers!
Went to England and Damai
Spent christmas at United States with the Casa la 7

i suffered a horrible year
the casa la 7 however, gained 23 new members!
Myy life of depression is just in the beginning as next year, i am going to
I felt like i can trust no one anymore
(classmate wise)
my heart is damaged
Nobody wants me in that class
I guess i think i should look into transferring next year.
or laylow for the whole year.

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