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Sunday, October 04, 2009

No more Power Rangers

Disney has decided not to produce anymore Power Rangers episodes but run the course with reruns of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers next year. The last group of rangers are the ones you see below, Power Rangers RPM (I don't know what RPM means but this is one of the funniest seasons yet).

This honestly for me, marks an end of an era. An era of Power Rangers. An era of believing that for once, even though we are a part of normalcy, the powers granted upon us promises to bring a greater good, a sense of adventure, the ability to drive giant robots and combine them together with your friends into bigger robots and getting to wear shiny spandex with cool weapons and gadgetry to defeat evil. Well, evil kicks our ass first then we rally up kick their ass and then the monster grows and we combine into big robots and beat the crap out of the aforementioned monster. This goes on and on for a year until the big fish gets killed.

I always loved Power Rangers as a kid, for me, it was a point that the people there were real. (well, I was like 3 when I watched Power Rangers, you expect me to know about cable wires and visual effects at the age of 3? I know the word 'ingredients' in German when I was three! Hah! And I know the word 'ingredients' when I was 3 even though I don't know what it means but I know how to say it! Screw my parents, I should have gone to a private school in the Upper East Side. Fine, I learned it from a chocolate bar from Germany that my aunt gave me, so what?)

Anyway, back to the story. Power Rangers for me, was an inspiration. While normal girls were into cookware, normal guys were into... into...Balls? Doraemon? Something? No idea, all I know was that the kids in my gram's neighbourhood never watched Power Rangers. I mean, Power Rangers was to me about normal teenagers, having secret identities, fighting crime, save the world and have cool stuff to kill monters with, who wouldn't want that? You can say that I am logical from the start since I am sure I am not some alien from outer space crash landing into Earth and assume a human name, or getting bitten by radioactive spiders or have retractable claws, faster healing rate and a skeleton made of adamantium or having psychic abilities that allow me to have a telepathic affair with someone's wife. Seriously, who wouldn't want to grow up and become a Power Ranger? You get cool stuff and inflict pain on monsters plus you learn valuable life lessons and have zero baggage that mutant abilities and superpowers come with?

Plus, you gotta love the morphing, its so freaking awesome. I mean have you looked at the morphing sequences of the Power Rangers? Who wouldn't want it? Plus, having a great fashion accesory never hurts either.

The main thing about Power Rangers is that they depict normal people given the ability to become superheroes. Not by chance or some whacked experiment but through forms well thought out plans, real cool technology and martial arts. When the rangers are in human mode, it shows that we have Powers but you guys are too pathetic to handle them and we care. Instead of being Ms Marvel and shoot a ray of energy turning the poor bad guys into dust. Plus, they can show to be compassionate and caring heroes.

For me, Power Rangers played a big part of my life, I have watched Power Rangers when I was a kid, and I watch them now too, minus two pathetic seasons, blame Disney for that by the way. Operation Overdrive my ass. For me, its really sad that there will be no more Power Rangers, it honestly felt as if someone close to me has passed away where I will mourn and think about the good times of me glueing my eyes on to the TV, blinding myself or possibly get epilepsy, watching the Power Rangers kick ass. Where after that, I will reenact what has been performed and then hurting myself, crying and asking for mommy.

Thanks, Power Rangers, Bandai and Saban but not Disney, you corporate G-rated piece of crap that made Power Rangers so lame until the last 2 seasons and for not including the Pink Ranger in 3 seasons, for 17 years (15 actually, I skipped 2) of fun filled enjoyment.

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Chester Chin said...

well time has definitely moved on...nowadays its ben10! for the kids. Hahah my nephew went berserk getting into characted. anyway thanks for the (super belated) birthday wish =P