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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 Types of Clothing that you should invest now (Guys)

I am a guy and yes, I pride myself as a self proclaimed fashion and styling icon.
Because I dress better than most of the drabs around.
Seriously, all those episodes of Project Runway, Gossip Girl and 90210 of looking at how the actors dress and look like ans I have no fashion sense? You gotta be kidding me.
The only reason I ask for someone's opinion when buying clothes is to reduce my cognitive dissonance and prevent me from spending more money.
Because, God knows what super hot pants or shirt comes along, I would immediately buy them.
Thankfully for my UK clothes, I don't dress like the boy from Padini or the boy in all the plane jane stuff in malls.
As we all know, stuff here is either high quality and outdated or trendy but trashy and looks like it will rip in a few weeks.
So here are the following that you will need to start investing on, to be in.

1. Checkered or Plaid Shirts.
This is preferably to be short sleeved. Long sleeved ones are not only impractical as they will make you sweat in the humid weather but it also makes you look like some trashy hillbilly from out of town. Avoid anything that resembles curtains or picnic table cloths. Your best bet is hues of grey, white, black, yellow, lime green and blue. Make sure that the plaids are not plain ones like the ones you see on chess boards, there should be a combination or large and small squares or different colours for the ones of chess board design. It should be 3 or more to be exact. Also, please make sure that it is tight fitting, loose makes you look fat.

2. Bright colored pants.

Never to be afraid of giving your pants some color, hues of black, grey, white and blue are long gone.  The more outrageous the colour, the better. Think pink, electric blue, lime green and anything that is bright that will make you shine. Now, you don't want to walk around like some walking traffic light, so some neutral colored top would be perfect, preferably white or in the same hue or black.

3. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are so in, even though I only have one pair, I am already madly in love with skinny jeans. Best bet is dark colors like black or purple, bright ones are cool too. The darker the better but don't wear them too often guys, unless you want infertility issues in the future and don't worry about the tightness, it is actually extremely comfortable.
Perfect with plaid shirts, actually amazing with plaid shirts.

4. Square Ended Ties

These were very popular in the 50s and 60s and thanks to Mad Men, apopular cable television show, it is making a comback. It is definitely something different compared to before. Now a little thing about vintage, vintage clothing means a modern twist on already outdated looks, not rustling for something out of your grandfather's napthalene filled dusty old closet. Pair it with a suit, some striped pants and some sensible black shoes.

5. Short Plaid Pants

FINALLY, something from an Ah Beng trend that I actually like and give a damn to blog about. Short pleated pants are amazingly great if paired with a hat. I said HAT not CAP. Then you need a coloured jacket or shirt that is opened up and a plain white tee inside. Finish it off with some nice BK or Addidas. Remember, plaid pants are bold and structured giving off a serious persona and it is defintely best to tone it down by making the rest of your outfit more relaxed. Slippers are not recommended, unless it is the same colour. Avoid anything graphic or wordy on your tee, I just imagined a fat Ah Beng holding a cigarette posing. As for a striped top or polo, better not, doesn't match.

6. Beach Wear

Beach wear is moving from the beach to the streets, where you can have people posing as posers and act like they actually know a thing or two about surfing. Here is one thing you need to follow, no contrasting colours, unless you have shoes on. ie white tee and black shorts must go with black shoes and no slippers. If it is slippers, then head to toe must be of one color, then it looks much better.

7 Huge Sunglasses

Now this is my thing aka copyrighted by Brendan Goh and meant for Brendan Goh and Brendan Goh has set the trend for guys wearing large sunglasses. Huge white sunglasses is my thing, no bastard, bitch and or slut can copy it, I am the original. I am the Boy with the White Sunglasses. If you do it, screw you. Yes, sunglasses are great, however, they should match your face. I found out that my sunnies suits me the best when I have a longer face and longer hair, white a simple Nike Visor works well with my short hair. Sunglasses is not about the clothes but it is about your face because sunglasses can work well with any outfit.

So I know some of these things can be a little if not a lot far out for some of you guys since this is a suburbabn town and your trashy fashion blind friends may mock your style because it is European/American and they will only praise and hail it if some stupid Japanese Anime Cartoon Character with a ear piercing shriek for a voice wears it about five years ago, well don't worry, wear it now. When your friends wear it, you say that it was so five years ago and I already donated it to charity, or you can sell your clothes to them and make some serious cash.

Fashion is subjective, trends come and go. If we are bored of the old one then we move on towards the new one. But it is always better to be a few steps ahead, don't you think?

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