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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cowards to note

Well, we all have people that will hate us, no matter what.
The world is so diverse, that whatever you do, you would definitely have to be ready to be expected to be judged on by others.
Not everyone in the world loves you, not everyone hates you either.
However, everyone is a critic.
And everyone has haters
Whether it is pure jealousy or down right disagreements (pure jealousy is most likely it), everyone has a motive to hate.
Yet, there are definitely some people who are more... let's just say... 'passionate' than others.
When I mean 'passionate' I actually mean 'having the time to wake up at four A.M. in the morning, posting hate notes on your chatbox.'

Believe me, there were down moments
There were times where I have decided that blogging only causes more harm than good
There were moments where I just stare at the screen pondering whether to delete this blog or not.
There were sometimes, I feel if this blog is not worth it at all.
But when I look down to the core, I would always know that I am doing the right thing.
 Why? Because...

This is my BLOG!!!!

And I can do whatever the fuck I want with it! (within the legal restrictions of national law of course)

If you have followed me since the day this blog was born, you would know that I have faced all these kinds of haters before. In fact, taking a look back at my past trials and tribulations in handling these dimwitted, untalented losers, I can actually categorize them into a few types.

1. I am a psychiatrist who buys my degree for 99 cents at the 99 cents store.
These people are seriously annoying, they act smart because they think that they are smart. They definitely will use some sort of terms as if you feel that they are breaking you down to the core, word by word. In actual fact, they really are just beating around the bush. They wil crap a bunch of words where it only revolves around one single keyword. usual noted keywords are sad, depressed, angry followed by a slur of deductions and assumptions.

Seriously, if they are fucking actual psychiatrist then people like Jamie Ding who is pursuing a degree in psychology would might as well have gone to spend 99 cents to get a degree in psychology instead of spending thousands of dolloars and 4 years in Segi. Personally I think it is insulting to pose as a psychiatrist where there are many people doing it as a profession. Honestly, the person that should go and see a shrink is not the blogger but the person posing at it in the first place? What kind of crazy hatred that makes them feel that they need to impersonate a psychiatrist in order to bring someone down?

2. The person who wants you to delete your blog
Let's say you have an opinion, and lets say it really stirred up a controversy. There will definitely be some people will say that your blog should be deleted because it is so hurtful and whatever.

Well, in my opinion, I am blogging whatever I like to blog. That person does not have the right to judge nor to demand you to delete your blog. Your blog concerns only you and no one else. I personally feel that you should not heed to their demands of deletion. You are not a politician, you do not belong in a political party, it is just you. So why should you delete your blog just because you have an opinion and feel it is important to raise an issue?

3. The meaningless insults of a douchebag
It is just a slur of degenrative comments of some idiot with no brains. Usually it is a bunch of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

They are stupid to begin with, why bother?

4. The spammer
He comes to your blog at 4a.m. to publish a bunch of repetitive words of nonsense.

The person's current main purpose in life is for you to delete your blog, you should feel honored that your influence is radical and that there is someone that is pathetic enough to spend time to copy and paste stupid comments on your chatbox every second.

5. The gang
The gang are like a bunch of people who repetitively post hurtful comments on your blog. They are a collective of people who plan to get rid of your blog.

They are definitely the toughest yet due to their strength in numbers. But remember, there is something called momentum. Sooner or later, they will give up.

All of these people are nothing but a bunch of cowards. They do not have the balls to show their true identities because they like to haunt you from afar but are actually afraid of confrontation. They have no lives and are pathetic little souls. Personally, these haters got the short end of the stick for me. They have no purpose in life, they are cowards and they plainly are just a bunch of losers with an obsession of the superficial. That is why they are fake people because all the crap they own is fake.

Just take it this way, these losers would rather stoop and buy a fake 200 dollar Louis Vuitton bag in order for some sort of pathetic little recognition that they actually own something designer and part of the high society. We, on the other hand would work our way up. We depend on hard work, personality and good credibility. With that, we are shown to have the style, the facade, the worth, the honour and the confidence to carry an ORIGINAL Louis Vuitton bag from the actual French Fashion House instead of pawning it from some Asian illegal immigrant.

We say Louis Vuitton, they yap LV.

Remember, it is your blog and if you have haters, that means your blog is important and one step towards being a superior one. It is not about the comments in your blog, although some feedback is good but what's most important is the content.

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