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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Perils of a Law Student.

My major in my school is law. Comercial Law to be exact. Basically I study law which enables people to sue each other till they ran out of money where regardless of the outcome where of course I want to win, I get paid. Other than that, according to Yahoo, my course is one of the best returns in income ie... I am most likely to settle my student loans, get a Porsche and my first purple Armani suit faster than anyone else. However, probably among everyone in the whole school or to be a lot more accurate, my batch of fellow business students. I am the only guy who is taking law as a major. This means that either every business student in Swinburne sucks at English or lack the confidence to have proper English or the more accurate and true fact, I am the only idiot dumb enough to take that subject.

Ever since I chose this major, I begin to question myself. Maybe I should take accounting, after all I am the so-called accounting rockstar but I find accounting a bit boring and scary at the same time. Plus, I absolutely hate numbers. I actually liked law, however, the final exam format that costs a whopping 65% of my total grade, made me begin to doubt whether or not I am going to do well for this.

Exam worth: 65 marks.

Examinable chapters: Topics 3 – 9 (excluding Chapter 4 - Terms of a contract)

There will be 3 questions in this exam. You are expected to attempt all the questions. For each question the candidate may choose between two alternatives.

Exam Duration:

Two (2) hours.

Materials Allowed

Pens, pencils and English-foreign language dictionaries. Candidates whose first language is not English may use a translation dictionary, provided it has been inspected before the examination commences. Electronic devices of any kind are neither required nor permitted.

FORMAT of the paper

Question 1: (25 marks)

Problem (Case study) OR Theory (Essay type)

Question 2: (20 marks)

Problem (Case study) OR Theory (Essay type)

Question 3: (20 marks)

Problem (Case study) OR Theory (Essay type)

Good Luck.

Basically for two hours, I will be vomiting words. When I wrote my first problem essay, I was not thinking at all, I was literally vomiting words from my mind, everything relied on pure instinct, I cannot be sure that what I wrote was correct or not, and it was hell yeah scary. Therefore, I kind of assumed that I am the biggest idiot in Swinburne right now because I took law as my major.

By looking at the format, yeah, I am pretty sure I am a big idiot right now

However, I always succeed in doing idiotic things.


Chester Chin said...

I succeed in being idiotic too =P

Good luck with the exams! I'm going off to UTAR in Perak...gosh the ulu-ness of it is so gonna freak me out. I'm gonna miss one utama T.T

Brendan Goh said...

aww chest! You won't be alone, I have a friend going over there too!

Gió Reo said...

haha. God Bless!