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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some pictures from my trip to UKM

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present to you the highlights
of my trip to UKM, Bangi
for their inter-varsity debating championship.

First of all, no trip is considered to be blessed without a good cup of Starbucks.
Its the new caramel coffee thing.
Also, allow me to present to you to some of the members of our contigent.
Kevin is carrying the red backpack, Edina is the girl, Adrien is the dude with the glasses clinging on to his shirt while Ashik is the dude with the glasses. They are all late, unfashionably.
Wee Chung of the F.B.I. having a serious conversation with Ashik and Salim, the black dude.
The motion was This House Would Ban Facebook for Minors. This is how the case was set up.
Minors are defined as the minority of Saudi Arabian women who are not allowed to have facebook accounts.
The policy is that Saudi Arabians will work with China who is the lord of censorships where they will regulate facebook websites and at the same time banning Saudi Arabian women from access
In return, the Saudis will give the Chinese camels.
Because camels have the ability to withstand hot temperature.
Yeah, got nothing to do.
Debaters are awesome anyways.
Its pure truism.
OMG, the brownies are rich and amazing
Its a sin that these things are in the middle of no where
Yeah, its that good man!
Oh god!
Its like, erotic!
Everything actually started with a wine session of pinotage.
Where Douglas, being the son of a wine shop owner, is very particular about the way the people handle the wine.
Its true, the wine sucked.
My tongue has a very high class taste in wine and coffee
My wine must be refirgerated and handle properly
My coffee must not be instant or the regular joe type, there also has to be milk.
I thought that this the pic is a great way to end this post
Because, in the end,
Whatever, you are doing, it is the people who you are doing it with that counts.
I definitely had my share of fun and hell
But all in all, it was a rewarding experience.

Regarding whether I will be joining the following tournaments.
I will do it Ausiello style.

Taylors Inter-varsity (KL) on 17 and 18 July: A safe bet
Iskandar Debate Championship (Johor Bahru) 6 till 9 August: Could go either way.

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