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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is this blog for?

Brendzblog Legionaires, you can know my life through facebook and twitter
You can view photos through facebook and twitter
You can also hear me bitch through facebook and twitter
So then, why is this blog for?

Well, this blog is for me.
I can do whatever I want with it
If I wanna ignore, then let it be
If I wanna delete it, then I will delete
If I wanna remodel it into a porn site, so be it.
I don't give a damn.
But right now, the thing about this blog is to talk about things that you cannot describe through 140 words or a few pictures.
It's about the more 'deep' stuff if you might say, though I would not call it deep in the first place.

My 2 wins and 3 losses were commendable I guess and my speaker score which I do not know the average is okay too I guess. However, I found out that I lack something serious when it comes to debating. My matter.

Matter means all the facts and info that will help me in the debate, I need values and support. I find myself being fed with information from my teammates which obviously sucks in the sense that I realized that if I were to lead a team, I would most likely suck at it.

Its tough but I can still grow and develop. I can still be strong.

After all, I am a bitch not a whiney wimp.

Well, pictures are supposedly to be up soon.

I think, yeah, no clue.

Anyways, will try and post them up.

No promises

But its time for pics

Till then tata

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