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Monday, September 18, 2006

Darren is thirteen
Yes, my bratty,uncivilised,ahbeng brother who has a mouth of a 55-year-old female gossiper has just turned 13.
Guess cha think he is on the casa la 7, huh?
Rachel has raised the bar to 14 as the minimum age to enter.
Only those who are 16 and above can enter survive my challenge.
Darren will not be a member of our club unless he gives up his ah beng-ish habits.
Everytime we go out and eat, he eats like he did not eat for like 6 months.
Especially laksa.
He is also simple-minded.
He prefers laksa over sushi.
He says sushi is disgusting.
Well bro, if u are reading my blog, the way you EAT is more FUCKING DISGUSTING than SUSHI!!!!!!
(ah beng: a local term of a guy who pierce earrings on his right ear, listens to ripoff yet crappy chinese music, watches porn, smokes, slurps, gossip, never shuts his mouth when chewing and talks crap everyday. Females are called ah lian)
Hey Rachel, maybe you can call bianca an ah lian.

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