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Friday, September 15, 2006

My nickname is paris.
1. when my friends and i went to puerto rico at 2004, I said "What's a bus?" when Mika booked us a bus.
2. That's hot was the word that i always use.
3. I LOVE to shop.
4. Aaron and i care best friends like Paris and Nicole.
So that should tell you who is my nicole.
Tomorrow and Sunday are going to be occupied by the Celcom Project.
Sometimes is so sooi to be the leader because you get criticised, scolded, talked about and being under fire by teachers and teamates.
(sooi means unlucky)
Ricky, Josephine, Kheng Yong and Shun Chern are not coming.
Ricky is extemely incapable.
He never does anything and rides along, he easily gives up and always perform a crappy job.
Gosh i wish he can be replaced by Athena.
Unfortunately, Celcom doesn't allow ANYONE else except the people who entered.
Guess i just gottab deal

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