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Friday, September 08, 2006

My Fund-raising hell
Okay, maybe i was just exaggerating, overall the fund-raising was a sucess.
The treasure marsh got a lot of response. (because we include friend mah!)
(Mah : a malaysian slang that is always used at the end no matter how annoying)
So we cooked a lot of stuff
The food we sold are ice-cream, floats, dogs, fries, chicken rice, tomato noddles, tomato kuay teow, ribena sprite and laksa.
(laksa: a malaysian food that is fatty and spicy. A malaysian teen fav.)
(kuay teow: a type of noodle that is flat and short. Best fried with tomato syrup or with garlic, eggs and dark soy sauce. The former dish is disgusting while the latter causes major bad breath unless cockles or seafood are added.)
I ate pudding sold by the red cross club, a bit of ribena sprite and loads of ice cream.
I spent the whole morning cooking. (when i mean cooking i mean i am not cooking, my team are.)
From 11pm until 1pm, i was running around like a desperate housewife.
Marc Cherry should give a role as one of the new main characters. i should fit in easily.
God, what the hell i am going to do with the 30 remaining mugs?
Idea 1: throw them against the wall.
Idea 2: Target practice
Idea 3: Store them, get scolded and send it to next year's white elephant sale.
Idea 4: Donate to charity
Idea 5: Sell but how? Everyone owns a cup.
Whatever at least i am quite popular now.
I am rich so it would not be a problem.
The only probblem is i only have 28 bucks in my pocket.

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