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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Touchin my body
Hey, our new project.
We are going to make a video.
Possibly during October.
Oh yeah I just got the list for Survibe My Challenge 4: Namibian Rampage
Rookies: Teddy(Korea), Jesse(Indiana), Dalton(Michigan), Julian(California), Ekin(Singapore), Aaron(Florida), Paolo(Brazil)
Catarina(Mexico), Stacie(Hong Kong), Kimberly(Korea), Lauren(Texas), Houston(New York), Rebecca(California), Andie(England)
Veterans: Mika(New York), Nate(Illinois), Brendan(Malaysia), Chad(Washington), James(Florida), Ashley(California), Lance(California)
Rachel(California), Jenascia(New York), Lindsey(California), Chelsea(New York), Samantha(Malaysia), Alan(California), Roxanne(Rhode Island)

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