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Sunday, September 24, 2006

My best friend
is gay, has seriously sexy short blonde hair, currently dating Jesse from indiana and lives in Florida.
His name?
Aaron Tan.
He's been with me ever since we met.
He's been by my side after every break-up.
He's my rock, my nicole, my best friend.
Aaron, i just wanna tell you that you are the number one man in my life.
I love you, dude, seriously.
No chick, whore or woman will never stand between us, not even Rachel.
To all ya people out there who thinks i am gay,
This relationship is pure BFF and its serious.
Okay, i admit that our relationship is not so platonic but that's all i am gonna reveal.
Don't ask Roxanne about us because she talks crap and you will never get what you want

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