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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trashin Shit
Episode 1: The passionate blog addict.

Everybody knows who this chick is, Ms Jamie Ding.
Jamie is a straight forward person, kinda self-obsessed (takes a lot of pic of herself)
She is not me in a skirt.
She is not Rachel in an asian version.
She's okay

Jamie can really give someone a freak attack.
First thing people ask her after not seeing her for a year is
Jamie, why are u soooooo thin?
Older people will add
You should eat more.
Models will be jealous as she does not binge and purge to get her model-like figure.
Then again, she is too short to be a model, 5'5 is the minimum height, i think.
Even if you are with her for almost two years (as friends).
She has these gastric attacks that really really scares me.
Its like she can collapse any moment.
That's why if we get to go to KL, she is definitely eating chocolates and trying that great italian ice-cream at KLCC
Don't worry, others will get too, not
Sorry, i am only treating 4 other ppl.
(u think I am going to spend so much in food?)

Jamie is really passionate in almost everything she does
Even though gastric is seriously interrupting her, she still pushes and pushes on
She gets things done and does it in a self-obsessed personal way
When the Celcom judges came and told us that the blog is better than our previously STINKIN report
I was proud of her
She definitely has the passion to do stuff
She went beyond my expectations in this project and I am proud of her
No matter how bitchy or self-obsessed she truly is.
Celcom, if you have a breakthrough Xbassador award, it goes to her okay?
She is truly a passionate girl (too short to be called a woman)
Jamie, you rock!
Hope you rock on in future.

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