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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Its been 2 weeks since I blogged.
Thank exams, Celcom and oh yeah, the DAMN lousy connection in computer!
Hell yeah.

Speaking of exams, what kind of fucking moron would put Moral Suckies (Studies) and History on the same day???
I have only had free memory enough for 1 subject!
Not only that, but that moron put Add Math and Physics on the same day!!!
My mind was literally fried!!!!
The next day, it was Biology and Math which is more slack than yesterday.
Luckily, i 4got all about Moral Suckies and History.
As 4 Math well, my brain is like so Paris Hilton right now.
Its mush.
As evidence, while Aaron and I talk about his gay issues, i actually asked 'how long is your cock?'
See mushed!
All thanks to that Fucking Moron.

Speaking of Celcom, we submitted our report a day earlier thanks 2 Jamie.
Sis Haniza came to judge, our presentation is very well (to anybody who don't know, I am very cocky)
So anyway, Bro Riz a.k.a google master found my blog and saw the post about me complaining about Ricky
Which i might add that it was only a few statements.
I was like, Oh Shit!
Well, the damage is done and there is nothing we can do.
Only way is for it to delete itself.

Gee Buck,
So why are u suddenly nagging and hacking me to delete that post?
Since when do you even care about what i write in my blog?
Why should u advise me to delete it when you never even checked it out?
Maybe if i am nice and you actually took the time to read my blog(which you didn't) maybe, just maybe i will delete it.
A blog is about self expression of human behaviour, feelings and psycholgical image impulses.
Since u probably are flunking Bio, let me summarize the statement above into a phrase.
And ther is nothing u can do about it, SHEMALE!!!

Honestly, i should make Ricky the first guest on my Trashin Shit segment
When he was CEO, he was so determined and heroic.
When everything changed, he pretty much just crumbles into a wrothless asshole.
Do u know how DAMN disappointed i was?
Now, he pretty much sabotaged our project by bailing us and making out with Shun Chern.damn losserific this guy is.
I bet even the sexelettes won't even accept him. (Ricky)
By the way, Shun Chern is pretty much his boyfriend as they always bail on our activities and meetings.
Did I mention he was also playing Chinese chess while I was conducting of meeting?
Members of the Casa la 7, see how dorky and pathetic this guy is?
Ask him to help in accounts, he says no
His Add Math is 90+ and he says no, thinks he is all that.
That son of a bitch.

Jamie if your gastric attacks keep on coming, you should better tell me.
If we go to KL, I am planning to buy you some expensive choc at the airport.
I don't want any of my team members down when we get there kay?
Oh yeah, u only get the choc if you read my blog F.Y.I.

So anyway, Aaron and I formed a gaming club with our friends.
We have finished Final Fantasy XII: Dirge of Cerebreus
and are now playing, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Damn, that game is hard and leveling up is so hard.
Overall its a good game.

Gamers, if you want i challenge, I reccomend it.
Professionals, try to beat the record
Amateurs, please play something easy first.
Becuz its God Damn HARD!
I reccomend Final Fantasy X2 or the first version of the Valkyrie profile series.

Liberty is pregnant AGAIN!
Second time this year.
Oh My God. (Please say the words slowly in an extremely shocked manner.)
Hell yeah!
Bro Riz, after reading my blog, you may think I am a rude, insensitive jerk.
In real life, I am as sweet and innocent as Kellie Pickler
and as dumb as a REAL Blonde.
After i graduate, i am so getting blonde highlights.

Oh yeah, guys, feel free to flirt my ex-girlfriends, Svetlana and Sandra
I am on a break from women
My main concern right now is getting Aaron back where he used to be
Except, now he is gay.
Aaron is my best friend
no bitch, girl, woman or whore can stand between us
F.Y.I. Rachels on a break from guys too so don't bother to hookup with her because she will fling Jimmy Choo's at your crown jewels
How, i know?
Ask Buck
No, seriously, ask him because I am not telling.
To people who don't know,
I am not Gay, this is what best fiends are for
If you think so, i got 4 words for cha.

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