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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh my god!
I have never realized this but nobody stays for long!
In my life, I have met a lot of people but they never seem to stay
Well, except those in the our secret circle, hehe.
honey, I hope we will be 2gether 4ever and next lives too.
probably is man and man or woman and woman (hahahhahahahahaahhahaha)
Ishiteru honeysan
u so kawai u noe
Yes, the infamous Brendan Goh has caught the love-bug.
I have never felt like this since i broke up with Rachel
Who by the way slept with Buck (eww, he so hairy)
How do I know?
Its kinda obvious if you r living with him 4 1 month (Survivie My Challenge)
He is always shirtless.
Gays scream
Guys impressed
Me, Mika and Aaron, disgusted!
Jonathan Teo, Ivan Chiok, Michelle Tan, Valerie Jee, Threase Marie Siaw, Ellin Ng, Kelvin Teo and other people that are not with me anymore...
Have a nice life.
To Amanda, Ivanna, Darlene, Andrea, Lee Chin, Jamie, Audrey and Cyril hope we stay in touch in future.
Sweetheart, may we love each other and be 2gether 4ever

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