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Monday, October 23, 2006

America's next top model cycle six
premieres 2night.
The pic above is cycle 4 winner, Naima Mora (the guy on the right is kinda perveted don't cha think? Aaron is crushing the center guy F.Y.I.)
seeing hot babes just brightens my day
I especially love the photoshoots
and like the judging too.
Last season, Nicole took the title yay!
Glad God chose my choice, hehe.
second girl i wanted to see to win is Kyle
and my third choice is jayla.
Now its new girls, new competiton and new judges
Well since last season, anyway. (kinda missing janice dickinson, kicking nole marin out is ok with me)
not to mention gay men pimping them up
Besides it keeps me occupied rather than STUDYING!!!!
And i feel happy especially after my mom hogging the 7pm chinese soaps.
this time is about some fortune, superstitious, feng shui, not mention crazeh show about fortune
boring, really
kinda resembles my parents
everytime my dad comesback from KL, they are always arguing about money
and it always happens in the car
plus, it is always the same thing,
my mom going crazeh and spitfire at my dad,
my dad, mimicking EVERYTHING my mom said,
The ending's the same too
My mom slams the door of our avanza with FULL FORCE!
Honestly, i feel sorry for the Avanza, with the passenger door slammed every 2 weeks.
I know and it knows that the door ain't gonna last very long
Hopefully, i hope it will last as long as our recenyly scrap metal, 11 year old Kancil.

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