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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A little direction
So you all know that i am recently bi
Well I guess its time to shed the light
Well, not really
but there is this quiz you can do.
to help you prove that you are gay or straight
It doesn't really determine that you are gay or straight
Its the fact that the person you fall with
Let it be a man or a woman
Or else why is there a thing called homosexuality in this world
It really does boil down to who will be your love of your life Open the range a little
Or else you may regret for the rest of your life
Life is all about living it to the fullest.
Btw, you have two options : man and woman
But that doesn't mean that you can't add quirky comments!

1. Who do you see sleeping beside you when you wake up every morning

2. Who do you imagine having your wedding with?

3. Who is the person you are fucking?
A really HOT guy!

4. Who do you see strolling with you in the park?
A guy

5. Who do you see lip-locking in the movies?

6. During a thunderstorm at the middle of the night, who is the person you are holding very tightly?
A man definitely

7. When you walk into the bathroom, you see your toiletries and a...

8. When you are in a party, you are most likely be caught in a closet with...
A sizzling brunette woman

9. In your sexual fantasies, you are most likely having sex with a...

10. When you are holding your first newborn, who will be there watching him with you?
A woman who had just given birth

11. Who do you kiss goodbye every morning before you go off?
A woman

12. The person's shoulder you are lying on while watching a movie at home belongs to a...

13. Final question: You are sharing food with a...?

Turns out I am straight.

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