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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Writer's Block
When you get that in exams,
it means total destruction
And I was a victim.
So I had chosen the narrow escape.
I can't think of anything
I stared into space for about 20 minutes
Did the first question
Then began the narrow escape
I have thought 5 TV shows that can symbolise that title
1. American Idol
Because of that moment being in live TV and stuff is so exciting but then nothing interesting
2. Heroes
Some scene about the cop who can read minds getting thrown out of the window and survived but I did not chose that because its not logical
3. Desperate Housewives
The hostage situation that got Nora killed but then, I can't imagine myself being Lynette
4. Ugly Betty
How many times did she almost got fired again?
5. America's Next Top Model
Now that's something
Btw, I arrived late too.

So I started my essay saying that therer were seven girls left
After much contemplating, I wrote the seven girls.
1. Joanne Fong
2. Beverly Jong
3. Jenascia Stewarts
4. Hu Chi from Death to Supermodels
5. Trishelle aka Joon Ching
6. Lakisha Jones
7. Roxanne stewart
I wrote as Roxanne and yes she is dating yours truly during the competition
No rachel and sammy though
Been there done that
So i wrote and wrote till asked Ricky the time and he said six minutes left
The bell rang before i even finished
My ending sucks literally
Damn lah
Should have followed harry potter or charmed or even mountain climbing!

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