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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stupid Tennis French Open
Interrupting my RAW till 3 in the morning!
You know how long RAW was delayed?
5 incredibly long fucking hours!
All thanks to tennis!
I hate tennis!
Used to be neutral but thanks to you I cannot see divas in bikinis!

It all started after tuition
we wanna watch RAW
but there's tennis on
So we watched desperate housewives and ugly betty
I waited and waited
RAW gets delayed and delayed
All because some fucked up, Goddamn cocky, bitch-ass tennis players playing so long!
And I pity those french kids
Having to run here and there and pick balls
No chair to sit also
All given to the fat and old umpires and referees
The kids in the middle of the court are forced to do the position like when u begin a sprint
All just to pick, hairy, green balls.
They have to throw 3 balls to the player
One used to play
Another kept in the pocket
while the other they throw on the floor
and the kids have to pick up again
sickening wii?
Not to mention illogical.
Give 2 and problem solved
Waste energy, waste time, waste oxygen, waste youth, wasteTV space.
Not to mention
torturing the kids who are like your maids
reducing the fans endurance of holding their bladder and urge to pee
after every half or quarter or whatever you call it
I see a large crowd of ppl running to the toilet.

They also play so damn long
1 match takes about 2-3 hours
They start at 5pm and then finish at 3 a.m.
(malaysia time)
You know how long is it

I waited and waited
Mr.Sandman keep on dumping sand into my eyes
Like its begging me to sleep.
So I tried my best
I failed
Becuz Mr.Sandman is very the
'peka kepada inovasi sains dan teknologi'
So Mr.Sandman invented a missle
filled with sand
Aimed it between my eyes
And fire!
I fell asleep in front of the TV!
Thank God there's youtube
Btw, the WWE tri-branded draft is on after 2 weeks
Can't wait

Anyway, what the fuck is so damn interesting about tennis?
Its like badminton with balls.
And then those stupid tennis players have groan everytime they hit
What's their problem?
Its like they think playing tennis is like having sex
Sickening wii?
Damn stupid
I wonder Chong Zhia Hwa does that too.
I dunno.
Don't really give a damn.
Btw, if you ever wonder how I know Mr.Tennis King of Kuching,
He and I were classmates since primary 1 till Form 3
After that, Zhia Hwa jumped the bandwagon to SMK Green Road
I wonder Green Road's principal is as glory-houndish as
Helen Tan of SMK Sungai Maong
Puan Faridah of SMK Batu Lintang
If it is, then Helen Tan is just perfect for me.
Becuz all those BL blogs that I have read
(not only jonathan ok, daniel and some others too. Just too lazy to do links)
makes Helen Tan look like a mouse.
Besides Helen Tan is a caring principal.
(I am not kissing ass. I am just saying how fortunate of me)
Anyway screw that.

In order to redeem myself
is going to upload 3 matches
1. the divas bikini battle royal
2. Carlito & Victoria VS Ric Flair & Torrie Wilson
3. Lashley & Cena vs Khali, Umaga and Shane McMahon

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