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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sean's Coming Out Party
It was a friday night
I know that I am supoosed to study Moral Suckies
but I didn't (It's pointless and bogus anyway)
So I did something I vowed I would never do
Something very stupid
The dangers are high
But I did it anyway cuz
1. I am a stuborn prick
2. I get 10 bucks for just attending
3. I am seriously and obviously nuts and have officailly lost my mind
4. Moral is shit, why does the Ministry of Education put such bogus subjects in our school curriculum?

So I went to Sean's coming out party.
So that he can announce to the world that he is gay
Bogus reason to have a party
Bagus becuz I really need to party.
So there I was, riding with Lucy's Proton Savvy
(Stupid looking car, but she thinks its cute.)
I even said that I would never be caught dead in it.
Unfortunately I did.

I arrived and give Sean a kiss on the cheek and a hug
Please note on the CHEEK.
and walked in
Strangely enough the guy who I kissed did not tried to rape me and tear my pants off.
I went in to dance and gave those hormonal 20-year-old guys a eye-candy
When I sat and took a rest
Ppl keep on asking me this Goddamn stupid question
"Are you Sean's boyfriend"
"No" I replied calmly
"But you kiss him and hug him bo!"
"Only on the cheek"
"So? You are his boyfriend becuz you kiss him"
Are these ppl stupid or just way too dumb and naive
Cuz conservative and discreet is out of the question.
After that the geeky guys play spin the bottle
(becuz no one wants to make out with them)
I made out with Samantha, Lucy and Sean only becuz he is the host
Plus Joshua, twice
He is cute but our chemistry is seriously physical
So I made out with him 4 times
I think
I lost count but I know its more than that
Then ppl keep on asking me the same Goddamn stupid question this time on Joshua
I am too tired to argue cuz my lips are sore from lip-locking, spit-sharing and kissing
So I said yes
Then they said you are so damn lucky and started asking what does he taste like
These idiots never get off my back!
I said like quiche lorraine
They asked what is that
Seriously, aren't gays supposed to be cultural and metro and stuff.
I am straight and I know all about culture and metrosexuality
I said fly to france.
They said "Wow! You have been to france Ah?!!"
Obviously geography also not that good
Quiche comes from Israel dumbass
Every bakery in Kuching has it, just look more closely
So they talked and talked
Ppl made out
Seriously though, i don't where Sean pick upp those ppl from
Middle of the street?
They are hunky
(Some of them)
But all are duds
Some even play Chinese Chess during the party
(Sean's little bro loves chinese chess thanks to his dad's influence)
Boy, these ppl are serious duds.
Apparently my school has a lot of them.
Seriously, how many trees died just so they can play that stupid thing?
Its supposed to make paper!
Honestly, in a party there should be things banned from it
Like Chinese Chess!

So then I made out with another two guys
Chien Kiong and Gabriel
Chen Kiong is dark, muscular with spiky red hair
Gabriel is also dark but skinny with black hair
Something like Carlos Mendez
Then I heard ppl saying like that old chinese proverb
One leg step on two boats
Brendan Goh?
One leg step two boats?
Or in this case three?
Me, one leg step on your nards is more like it!
My relationship with them is seriously platonic
Besides Gabriel ain't that hot
But Chee Kiong and Joshua maybe
What they are hot, you can't doubt that.
Neeways, I left at midnight
Slept at Joshua's
And no
Nothing happen...yet
Unless you consider sleeping in the same bed
then yes.

But then whatever
My life is my life
and that's the way how I lead it.

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