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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I wish they were dead
My Parents are the world's most sinister aassholes in the whole fucking universe
They bought Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows for me.
Unfortunately, I can't read it till after SPM
Let me ask you one simple question
Would I be interested in reading Harry Potter 4 months after its release date?
Hell no.
I probably already know every fucking nook and cranny of the story by then.
Thanks to my classmates who bla everything out
I know that its a few months till SPM
but why am I supposed to suffer like this?
Ohter ppl can have the freedom of going out on Saturday nights
Go to the cineplex and watch movies
Have shopping trips with friends
Go online at night whereas I am stuck in the morning
Read Charmed and Harry Potter
All they say that studying is way more important than having fun
I am a human being!
I should be able to have fun!
Do you know how much i miss my friends at the States?
Do you know how much I miss chatting online?
Do you know how lonely i feel?
Like I actually have any close friends at school
Probably the closest is a fat girl and 'dui pao'
Yeah, right
I don't why they are so Goddamn paranoid
Nagging, nagging and nagging
every sinngle fucking second
Why am I brought intop this cruel world
Why am I suffering a fate worse than death right now?
How I wish to graduate
You know what?
That's it
In order to rebel and get back on my parents,
I am now officially GAY!!!
Viva la Yaoi!

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