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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The 100th post!!!!
Congrats to yours truly for his 100th post!
In this special occasion,
I am going to tell you a very obsessed passion of mine
Various pics of yours truly in different shades
That's like so totally COOL!!!!

Me in blue
Me in purple
Me in green
Me in yellow
Me in classic colour
Me in red
Black and White

Me in REAL Cothes

I camwhored at the physics lab except the real clothes one

Which is from the poorly organized Drama Competiton in Bau.
I was in some kind of human container
Real bumpy ride
It was real nice experience!
Getting to see the country side for once
Corn actually comes from plants and not trees!
Imagine that!

Another thing to be imagined is getting caught camwhoring in the Physics lab

Mr.Mok : Brendan, what are you doing?
Me : Camwhoring
Mr.Mok : What is camwhoring?
Senk Siang interrupting : He is trying to sell himself on the internet
Everybody (laughs)
Me : No, camwhoring just means taking pictures of youself by yourself
Mr.Mok : Aiya, you people, camwhoring all day

or even worse, Helen Tan!
Helen Tan: Brendan, what are you doing there?
Brendan : Camwhoring
Helen Tan: ...
Brendan : ...
Helen Tan: Meet me in my office right now

or probably Mr.Lis

Mr Lis: What are you doing there boy?
Me : Camwhoring
Mr.Lis: Are you trying to prostitute yourself in the internet?
Me ; No, camwhoring means taking pictures of yourself by yourself
Mr.Lis: Oh, okay
(looks and later points at my camera)
Mr Lis: Is this a handphone?

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