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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I was just going through some blogs from the 2006 graduates.
It was so sad that the fact they will never see each other again.
Their gang has been like dispersed and seperated.

All of them going to their own seperate ways
Living their own life
and sooner or later
They will longer be a best friends
They will be aquaintances who have a history
Reduced to the, nothing more.

That's how that song from Nelly Furtado go

Flames to dust,
Lovers to friends,
Why do all good things come to an end?
Come to an end
Come to an end

Like its stuck in your mind forever
We, well you guys can enjoy the final few months of your high school life
I can't wait for it to end
Can't wait to get out of this country
Can't wait to never see your face ever again

You say
its not that I don't want to get hurt or anything
I already am hurt
That's why I never wanna see your faces again
Brings back bad memories
You left a deep cut in me
Drove me to suicide
Am I suppose to forgive you for that
I may be a forgiver
But this is something you cannot forgive and forget.

Besides, you guys always neglect me and diss me aside
when something is not my business
and its certainly not yours
At least tell me.
I feel very neglected when you guys gossip about someone
with me right beside
but never allowed me to be included
you left me alone instead
it just hurts.
Have you ever wondered that if you guys left me out
and walk away
Is there anyone sitting next to me or accompanying me?
I feel so alone that even my 'closest' friends
don't even wanna include me in their conversations

Its not that I never tried to make friends
I did
You just decided to bully me to have your own fun
After that, you transferred it to the younger kids
In fact, your constant bullying has never allowed me to reveal to you
How nice and a great person
I actually am
Honestly, its your lost

I have help some of you a lot in the past
You guys owe me 1
I don't know when you will be given the opportunity to pay me back
I hope, when that opportunity strikes,
you better do it.
That's my advice.

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