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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I hate my mom because she is a Class-A BITCH.
She is a glory-houng slut
She never really cares about me
Only nags everyday
Insulting me
Spiteful bitch!
I never gave you a punch in the face
because you are my mom.
Maybe thats a good reason to punch her too.
Its really unfair to me
Darren and Ryan can play the comp as loud as they want.
As much as they want
And as frequent as they want!
While poor me is imprisoned in my room.
I really hate her.
Other ppl like Jeremy Lim who I should point is worse in his studies than me can get to go to the Rain Forest Music Festival.
While me, I enjoy my glorious room with full of books
Reference books, Text books, Activity books and oh yeah, exercise books.
Btw, my Charmed books are collecting dust!
i just HATE her.
She also drives me around like a slave.
The other two have NO chores at all.

They sit around and do nothing
While I have to do this and that!
Ask them to open the door and they are even too lazy.
I have been helping my mom since I was ten!
Darren is fourteen and barely lifts a finger!
This usually leads to my tantrums.
Great now my dad starts!
Next, dear sweet old grandma!
After that, my aunt!
then teachers
and finally,
my own brothers who are so Goddamn shrewd!
You know what, they only know how to say
They only know how to annoy
They never really showed me that they can do it!
They never give any support in anything i do!
I really wish I can leave them
SPM only ruins my life!
Fuck you!
Stupid Ministry of Education!
Malaysia is a lousy country!
Too much pressure
Too academic oriented
Too nerdy!
They only want to produce a bunch of slave-droning nerds!
That's what they call modal insan slave droning nerds and potential terrorists!
I really, really hate this place!
Get me out of here!

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