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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There is very little time for TV at NS
Obviously with full of activities all day to bore you to death.
Anyway, most of the time is given to those losers who watch football and video zonkers
Which obviously is pointless
Oh yeah did I tell you that there is NO star world, mtv, E! or bbc
Not to mention the movies?
So my life has pretty much ended over there.
I felt like I wanna cry

Anyway, I don't get about people watching soccer
I mean, don't get me wrong
I love to PLAY soccer but I don't like to WATCH it.
See I am a person who TAKES ACTION and not YELL IN FRONT OF THE TV.
Just so you know,
1. They can't hear you
2. They don't care about you
3. They are making a lot of cash
4. They don't even know that Malaysians watch the EPL or La Liga.

The people over there, usually those jungle kids
from some nasty place where they don't even know about msn, blogs or even a COMPUTER
are hollering in front of the screen like a buncha wild animals

Its stupid really
I don't get it with man and balls
But I think I have a theory
Men play balls to show their masculinity and gutso
Its also to search for their inner testosterone that they have lost
Lets look at the stats between me and most football lovers

Exhibit A
I go in front of the stage, say what I feel and have the guts to face a crowd
They holler in a crowd, saying crappy things about you
but when it comes to standing in a stage alone,
You could litterally see that they have no balls at all

Exhibit B
When I like a girl, I ask her out, right in front and then see how it goes from there
They write love letters, ask someone else (usually me) to talk to them or to get their names and phone numbers.
Or even just to look at them
Are they that shy to introduce themselves?
If u like the girl, let her know you and not your friend
Cause some of your friends are oppurtunist
They will snag some for themselves
Another thing girls phone numbers and guys too
Never simply give other people's phone number without their PERMISSION.

There are already two facts.
There are more but these two are the strongest
And these two are enough to make a statement and prove a point.

Ohyeah, I don't like people criticizing football coaches
These people have a job to do
If u have what it takes, write a personal letter to them and issue a challenge
Although usually they have no time for that
But one day, if an oppurtunity presents itself
I will drag one of those kinds of people to coach and do strategy with a football team.

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