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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Monotonous conversations
These conversations are very lame, monotonous and dumb.
Not to mention repetitious
Ppl (usually 26 and above) will ask these same stupid questions
year after year after year after every stupid year
Seems like they have Alzheimers or sumthin.
Plus I have the stupid National Service this year
I have to answer more stupid questions

Here are a few examples
A stands for Alzheimers relatives
B stands for me
The brackets signs ( ) represents thoughts

Monotonous Conversation 1
A: Wah, Brendan. You soooooooo big liao ah!!!
B: Um yeah.
A: You grow up so fast hoh!
B: Um yeah. (Isn't that the same meaning?)
A: What are you planning to study?
B: Mass Communications
A: What is that?
B: Its anything related to the field of media that involves communications
A: Oh, what can you be if you take that course?
B: I can be a television producer, an advertiser, a PRO or a journalist
A: Oh, why don't you go to the medical field? Being a doctor is very good. You get to earn a lot of money. Plus as a doctor, you get a lot of respect.
B: (What is it with these chinese people and their affection towards doctors?) Well, I think in the life of the media is more interesting
A: What about engineering?
B: (If its not doctor then it is engineering.) I hate physics and I am not interested in it
A: Aiya, Brendan. These days you cannot follow your dreams one. It is safer to have a nice and stable life.
I was once like you, bla bla bla bla bla... You must take my advice hah.
B: uh-huh. ok. yeah. sure I will take your advice (yeah right)

Monotonous Conversation 2
A: Wah, Brendan. You grow up sop big ah!!!
B: (here we go again). Um yeah
A: Got girlfriend or not? Surely this old got girlfriend one
B: No I don't have 1
A: Got wife?
B: No (rolls eyes)
A: Aiyo, then how can u get married leh? You don't want children meh?
B: No.
A: Its better for you to have kids, afterward when you are old, they will take care of you.

Monotonous Conversation 3
A: Brendan, how is NS
B: Its okay, a little horrible
A: Tough or not?
B: Its okay, you get used to it
A: Aiyo, I pity you, already shoot gun or not?
B: No after chinese new year
A: Shoot gun good, let you experience it
B: I am not shooting the gun
A: Why?
B: Cause I don't want to
A: Oh, ok. I hear you cry boh
B: Yeah, I did
A: Why, did people bully you there?
B: No, I cry because they cut my hair
A: Let me see.
B: Okay. (takes off beanie)
A: Not bad leh, hiya, will grow back one lah
B: Ok

Monotonous Conversation 4
A: The food at NS god or not? I hear you eat 6 times a day, must be very the ho mia ho?
B: No the food there is horrible
A: Why so horrible?
B: Because the food is always spicy, there is always fish and the kuih there is weird
A: Oh How?
B: (starts describing the food)
A: Oh, so always Malay food there lah?
B: Sometimes got Indain like Briyani Rice
A: No chinese food ah?
B: No.
A: No pork ah?
B: No pork.
A: Aiyo, how can u live like this, pork very important to us chinese 1 boh!
B: Its okay.

Monotonous Conversation 5
A: So tell me your daily activities
B: (Tells daily activities)
A: The classes like kindergarten one ah? Aiyo, waste taxpayers money only
B: Yeah
A: I thought you weren't allowed to bring handphone?
B: The coaches keep for us
A: Oh, so u can use in the weekend la!
B: Yeah.
A: Not scared got stolen meh?
B: Everybody has their own phone.
A: You better be careful ah!
B: Okay
A: They keep your handphone in a maggi mee cardboard box?
B: Yeah
A: Aiyo, such high quality phone being kept in a place like that, afterward spoiled then you know!

For the past three days, I have been having these conversations with my relatives and people I don't know. Thank you, God that Chinese New Year is celebrated once a year for 3 to 4 days. I cannot stand it if it is celebrated for 15 days consecutively.

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