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Friday, February 08, 2008

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!!!
Hey everyone!!!
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating out there.
(Okay, that makes me feel like such an alien)
Fireworks were up all night
Actually I don't think I should call those fireworks, explosives seem much more relevant
Although yeah some are actually fireworks that shoot to the sky
Exploding in the air in an array of colours (and smoke)
The one night where I actually don't care that these things are actually polluting the earth and scaring the shit out of my dogs.
But most of the fireworks are just noise, literally
They just explode in a loud bang!
I really think that there were grenades outside or sumthin
Then all that is left is a hole and a smoky fog that really smells.
And I thought the methane produce by my NS roomates are bad
(methane = gas from farting)
And of course lets not forget the angpaus!!!
Not much $$$ this year though
Buncha cheepskates,
Oh well, there is always next year
As usual I will have a lot of fun
However, there will be no Valentines day party this year though
As you know, by the tenth I will be resuming my prison sentece
That's all
xoxo Brendan

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