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Friday, February 08, 2008

I lost 3kg!!!!
I lost 3 kg!!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, its official!!
I lost 3 kg!!!!
Maybe national service is not bad after all!
Thanks to Carmen's hopefully accurate scale, I now know the truth.
Yeah, i am happy but I think I am going to gain them back
if I don't stop stuffing my face!!!
Anyway, we discussed the god and the bad between 2 camps
Which is my camp (betong) and the Jaclyn's and Jee Wen's camp (bau)
I dunno but both camps have their pros and cons.
So I let God handle this
I don't even wanna think about it
I will just accept whatever's happening.
Anyway, I only got 2 angpaus for today.
Which sucks
Then again, it is the year of the rat
which means bad luck for the horse.

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