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Friday, September 12, 2008


Economy, Scarcity, bla bla bla still needs to be preserved in a refigerator called my mind
Heck, my mind is so screwed that I forgot how to spell refigerator.
Plus I am so hectic these days to even realize my favorite blue padini shirt has a hole.
Which means I have to buy a new one
Two new ones (cheaper)
Now, I am craving Starbucks and a good workout
My mom is sorta pushing me to join another sports club
Might choose squash if the school has one
So that I can squash Andrew, lol
Moreover, I am joining the gym club
I promised myself that i needed to buff up.
Well, buff but not too buff
Model buff, with the right definitions and all
Plus slaving hours in front of the comp is so not good for me.
This is a really random post, that has no meaning at all
I just wanna blog but I don't know what to blog on
Plus Casa La 7 is sooooo outdated now
I need to update it
Expect a lot more drama
and a big shocker
Season Finale is coming soon

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