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Saturday, September 27, 2008

B, I break up with you because...

Now, Malaysians are known to have bad understanding of languages on signboards, crappy, rude and lousy taxis, a crave to search every nook and cranny for food even though there are like millions around, cheap seafood, politicians that looks as if they come out from the jungle to lead and excuses, excuses, excuses. And I mean A LOT OF EXCUSES.

In case you don't know. This is number 7 of my 10 most depressing things in Malaysia. Just click on the 'list this' label to see what the others are.

So Malaysians tend to have a lot of unique excuses and of course the usual repetitive ones. So these excuses may range from relationships to everyday life. Here are some common ones

On being late
Traffic Jam
No Car/Transport
Stomach Ache
No Mood
My dog gave birth

On canceling an appointment
My dog pregnant
No transport
I got struck by lightning while listening to my iPod
Busy, busy la, busy la, MCB! Busy mah!
No mood, sori, hehe

On breaking up
I want to play more dota
I am manwhoring to an older woman
I just want to be best friends with u, why cannot, MCB *smash the window and hand bleeds*
No chemistry
I dun wan sex wit u
I wan to break up with u cause I want to make up with you again

Okay, apparently I don't have the mind of a typical Malaysian but you get the point
Brendan Goh

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