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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tag Torture

This tag is specifically created to screw you up. When you are tagged, you must answer the tag and reply to what the question says, any illogical answer is not accepted and you cannot refuse to answer, a reply with a non specific answer ie: none or i don't know or cannot or any other variations of them are not allowed. After this, you MUST TAG 9 other individuals who HAVE NOT done this tag before. The rules created are for you to have fun, so enjoy it! Tags are created to let others know you well, so why not let them? If you don't do this tag, well I can't curse you can't I? Well, lets just say karma's a bitch, shall we?

1.If you would have to engage sexual acts with a celebrity of the same sex, who would it be?
Well, I would have to say... Ed Westwick who plays Chuck from Gossip Girl, yum, lol. I love bad boys

2.If you were asked to strip off naked and then covered in a certain material for a photoshoot, what will it be? (note: clothing or any other variations is not acceptable, however cloth is)
Toilet Paper

3.If you and your husband/wife/life partner are bound up and are soon to be raped by a rapist, would you sacrifice you or your spouse? (note: only one can be saved)
My ass is ready, hope you have large dick :)

4.Well, you are in New York, Ala Entourage or Sex and the City. Which would you pursue? Labels or Love and why?
LABELS cause Prada wallets never broke my heart before.

5.Name your favourite American Idol 7 finalist. (latest one)

6.The Deserted Island Question: Who would you bring there with you?
I would bring mah bitch, Aaron Tan

7.Name one crazy thing that you have done.
I kissed a boy and I like it

8.To make things a little easy, future honeymoon destination?
Around the world, duh

9.If you have superpowers, what would it be?
Molecular Manipulation, like Piper Halliwell

10.You got drunk, had sex with someone and when you woke up, that someone is next to you, who is that someone? (note: you know that someone and that someone knows you)
Ouch, tough. Have to say Isabel Goh, haha.

11.Name a classmate that you seriously hate on your high school senior year.
Victor Lim

12.A position that you would want to have in high school but can't achieve?
A president of the Leo club.

13.Name a classmate that you would want to join you in your current university as your classmate.
Cyril Lee

14.Name a person you know you love but never truly appreciate
Mom, lol. True wah.

15.If given the chance to fully restore and revive someone from the dead, who would it be?
My Dashy, my sweet Dashikins. I miss her so much. Every July 21st i will feel lonely. At least she contacts me.

16.If your life were a game, what would it be?
Legend of Dragoon!

17.Do you support gay marriage?

18.Do you prefer expensive, branded items or inferior, cheap items?
Expensive! Who doesn't?

19.If your life were a TV show? What would it be like?
A mix of Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

20.Last minute partner for a project?

21 Name of the 8 people who are tagged?
  1. Jamie
  2. Aini
  3. Derrick
  4. Gary
  5. Susan
  6. Aaron
  7. Carmen
  8. Andrew
  9. Person who is not listed but reading this very post

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