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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moving On

I am moving on
I am moving on with my life
Now its already approaching the end of 2008
Its not a real good year for me, I guess.

Friends of the past all split and left
To other parts of the country and the world
Knowing how superficial things can be
No old classmates stopped and talked to me.
Nice ones would give a hi
Shitty ones don't give a damn.

So with new friends and a new cast
It seems as if I am getting my wish of starting afresh
With new friends and all.
I have to say, at least I have my own gang
I remember last time, I keep on drifting around
Like a mindless zombie
Like some womanizer moving from group after group after group of women
Nice to see that I sort of found my place.
Though it is still in the same crappy city

I gotta say I am grateful.
With friends
I love to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend
But I don't know really
I guess although I might feel lonely at times
I sorta felt that things can be done
Now all I need is to move out from my dorky friends
and move in with some guy friends
I mean I love them and all
But seriously
I am beginning to look like the gay dude in a girl group
I guess I can hang with them sporadically
but you know I can't have guy talk with them.

I think I am going to join more clubs
Now I got debate down
I got gym too
now I guess toastmasters maybe
or a LGBT (lesbian, gays, bisexual and transgenders)
Yoga seems cool
I also want squash but I really don't know when there will be one
Plus drama seems fun
and blogging group which is a group and not a club

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