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Monday, September 08, 2008

MIA troubles

God, life can be a serious screw up can it?
I screwed people up with Tag Torture and now Karma bites me back
And it HURTS!
With all these careless disappearances I am having, it sucks
First, I misplaced my cell phone at home.
At first, I thought I left it at the school library
After tirelessly searching for it at home
Plus it has no bat and I put it on silent.
After telling my parents and getting creamed to puree in the process
Darren found it for me.
Shit, crap and suck.
After being blasted by my mom (tirelessly, every freaking milisecond is her disgusting naggy voice)
Plus, the overprotective, stubborn, irrational not to mention mentally unsound mother of mine wanted to confiscate my laptop, just because she thinks I am so irresponsible
Like I am going to give that over-aged ah lian the privilage to watch her 'favourite thing' (more like disgusting thing) aka 4D, toto, cashsweep and pmp, 24/7.
And burden it with crappy, over dramatic Singaporean movie and/or TV shows.
(used to be predictable, well at least we see some evolution, now its so off topic)

Next, is my bottle.
Which is now found but I lost it a few moments ago
Which drove ME insane
At least is now found.
I should try and like probably label my stuff now, especially the damn bottle.
God, I think I am going to have a bad week
Well, that's what you get for not attending youth groups, i guess.

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