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Monday, March 16, 2009

I am back...

Yay, I am back.
Aww, who the fuck cares about me back here in this pathetic small town
oh yeah!

Its 6:48 in London
Can't sleep, nocturnal.
And its been less than 12 hours
I have been here and I already miss London bad.
I have fallen in love with the city, I guess.

I miss the beautiful, classical and unique architecture
I miss the cheap books
I miss oxford street where I shopped till I drop
I miss London's chilly, gloomy and cold weather which has grown on me
I miss my trashy TV shows
I miss Godiva chocolates
I miss Bagel Factory
I miss cheap shoes.
I miss the nice people where you can chat up with strangers
I miss the civility and the compulsiveness of being proper of Londoners
I miss the time where I get free papers every evening
I miss the food (except the horrible shit of what they call Indian Cuisine)
I miss the amazing internet connection that makes the ones here seem extremely pathetic

And I found that, I extremely hate Kuching now
Why did the weather became excruciatingly hot?
Where are my favorite stores?
Where is the nearest bagel factory?

I do regret not buying myself another pair of shoes.
I do regret not buying lady gaga and script cd
I do regret not getting myself a bag
I do regret not getting myself a pair of flip-flops
I do regret not returning with a large bag of candy from Harrods
I do regret not trying Jelly Bellies.

You know something?
It really pisses me off that
I have to debut my clothes on Chinese Fucking New Year
Piece of shit
Stupid mom, kidnap all my precious clothing.
I will have her hung, drawn and quatered!!!!!!!!!!!.
Not to worry, I will debut my fantastically gay and outrageous clothing throughout the semester.

I got my mom a LongChamp bag from Paris
LongChamp is pronounced as Long-shomp
Still trying to get her to get the name right
You must respect the branding ok?
Will take pictures soon
To show off...

Oh, I really should
or should not

Who cares, I am taking pictures and blogging it soon since some bitch so hao lian that she got her boyfriend a Chelsea pencil box, so what?
I also got merchandise.
The pencil box is only 4.99.
Cheap shit.
The merchandise are all cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap and cheap.
Find any Indian storekeeper selling souvenirs, they all got.
Not rare at all, abundant actually
Finding a small sized Zara plain black tee for Jamie however was a big challenge.
Scoured from Tottenham Court Road to Bayswater.
Plus and besides,
Chelsea spent millions last year on new players
And what did they achieved?
Man, I laughed my ass off when I heard that.

Speaking of football, I was in Paris during the Tottenham and Manchester Match
While the Blackburn and Arsenal match was on the day that I am flying home.
Speaking of Chelsea, I heard that the fans were violent brutes
They carry baseball bats to the stadium and pick fights with the opposition.
Millwall is another team with fans that are violent.
Tickets are expensive, cheapest is like 45 pounds and they are a rare find.
Micheal Jackson's tickets are worth at least 150 pounds
and its in June not March, ok
Tina Turner is now in London.

Anyway, enough about the rich but underachieved soccer team.
I like the Tottenham logo, the crane looks adorable.
Manchester is nice too but since I have absolutely no interest in football, whatsoever
So I decided to save my aunt's money.

I hope I can give you a chronology of my trips in London, Paris, Cambridge, Oxford and Birmingham.
And I also hope that the upload speed is fast in my home for facebook.
But since I found out that I all my songs is gone from my desktop
I have to redownload some songs, Itunes and frostwire
Also, Londoners love Oxford and degrade Cambridge for some reason.

That's all for now
and yes I realized its ten fucking days since I blogged.
Luckily the pendrive in my car still works.


Mysterious God Of Light said...

Welcome back, my friend!

God Bless =)

SnowFish said...

Amazing experience!!